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Lil-Slugger-Baseball-Set-Photoshoot Aviator Hat Newborn Football Outfit

Newborn Baseball Set

Hat, Baseball Mitt,
Catcher’s Mitt and Bib!

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Aviator Hat

Hat, Goggles & Scarf
Sizes for whole family!

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Store: Bomber Set

Football Fan

Newborn outfit.
Hats for whole family!

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TURTLE Loom Review

The TURTLE Loom Hexagon Pin Loom

I received the Turtle Loom as a gift from my sister and I will say, first impressions are not always right, in this case, pleasantly so! I’ve become an avid 4″ square pin loomer (or should I say addict), and I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the hexagon TURTLE pin loom.

IMG_0104First, I’m used to using a pin loom where the pins have no heads. The TURTLE Loom uses nails with heads. I thought I’d HATE that. Turns out, I don’t! Because the first several rows are done using bias weaving, the heads are actually very important! I think I would hate it if it didn’t have heads!

Second, I wasn’t sure I would like bias weaving. I’ve woven thousands of squares, but never on the bias. Turns out, I really enjoy it! It feels faster to me. Weave the top strand, and the bottom strand is magically done when you pull the “warp” strand down!

Third, I love the base. I like that the wooden base is round, has a nice thickness, and it’s easy to maneuver. I do like to turn it to weave with my dominant hand, it just feels smooth to use. It’s pretty too!

Fourth, I really appreciate the different colored nails, especially as I’m learning to weave on it. Two white pins, one at the top and one at the bottom, make it easy to see where to start. The four black pins are a quick visual for seeing where the bias portion of the weave stops and where the plain weave section begins.


Other impressions, the loom comes with a comb, but I’ve nearly done away with combing as I pin loom weave. If I want to comb the woven strands, I just use the crochet hook or weaving needle to gently push the strands as needed.

The last bias weave round is a little tricky as it comes right to the pins, but I think there’s no getting around this. At times, I also found using the crochet hook to weave a little cumbersome. The hook would sometimes get caught between nails. Mostly I avoided this by holding the hook above the nails while weaving, but sometimes it would still get caught. If the hook was a little narrower all around, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but it’s not a deal breaker. I think over time, it will become less of an issue for me, though I admit, right now I find it very annoying!

One delightful thing I learned about bias weaving is how easy it is to unweave a few rows! Simply remove the yarn from the last nails used, and the yarn can be pulled out! (It felt a little like crocheting, just rip it out.) Unweaving the plain woven section is not quite as easy.

I did try to do a little texture work in the hexagon. I’m going to go ahead and chalk it up as a FAIL. Though I can see how it is possible to do stranded work, it will take a little planning to do it well. The nice thing about stranded work in the bias portion is the pattern is automatically repeated on the bottom once warp strand is brought down. Once you get to the middle weaving section, you have to establish the pattern for the first half, then repeat it in backward order for the second half, if that makes sense. Here’s my attempt! Can you see the texture?

All-in-all, I really enjoyed the TURTLE Loom by Bluebonnet Crafters, LLC.  As a bonus, my 5 year old learned what a hexagon is!



Little Looms 2017 Patterns

Two New Pin Loom Patterns

Two of my pin loom patterns appear in the 2017 Little Looms magazine by Handwoven. You are going to love them.

Pin Color Flow Rug

First, the Color Flow Rug. I call it Color Flow because the colors transition nicely due to the quadrant squares between the solid squares. Because you change colors during the warping and weaving process, part of the square is solid, and part of the square is a mixed color. The twisted cord tassels really finish off the rug nicely.

Pin Geo Waves Scarves

Second, the Geometric Waves Scarves. These striking scarves are actually just solid squares sewn with a dark color on one half and a light color on the other. The lines are all embroidered on. If you use wool, it can be felted. Just be sure to make it extra long as it will shrink in the felting process!

Check out these and more great patterns in the 2017 Little Looms magazine.

What are you weaving?

Crochet Cable Dishcloth and Tea Towel

Dishcloth+ Series: Celery Stalks Dishcloth and Tea Towel – pattern with crochet cables.

Dishcloth and Tea Towel with crochet cables

Create stunning cables in these two lovely kitchen accessories.

Dishcloth and Tea TowelWhether you’re new to working post stitches or an old hat, the post work dishcloth is a must for your kitchen. The columns of stitches create a bumpy texture perfect for scrubbing pots and pans.

The tea towel takes crochet cables to a whole other level. Create a stunning tea towel as a house warming gift or for your own home.

This set is crocheted with  Fibra Natura Good Earth distributed by Universal Yarn. This cotton linen blend is perfect for going from sink to washing machine and back again.

Celery Stalks Dishcloth & Tea Towel

The Dishcloth+ Series: Celery Stalks Dishie and Tea Towel is now available in the store.

Pin Loom Woven Gift Bags

Weave your own gift bags!



Christmas is four days away and I decided today that I just had to weave 8 little drawstring gift bags for family members! Shouldn’t be too hard with a toddler and preschooler around. Not to mention that there is paint involved. What could go wrong?

I love these bags because they can be personalized to match the recipient and can be made for any season or reason. The color of yarn and stencil do all the work!

What you need:


4 inch pin loom (I use the Zoom Loom)

Stencil and paint brush

Paint and some form of paint tray

Scissors, yarn needle

How-to Make a Drawstring Gift Bag

Plain weave 8 four inch squares per gift bag. I sewed the squares together so they were 2 x 4, then folded it in half so it was 2 x 2 with the top open. I always sew on the inside and use the double overcast method. It seems to make the nicest looking join on the front (in my humble opinion) and is sturdy for holding things in the bag.

Next I made a twisted cord. (I started with about 16 feet of yarn, twisted it, folded it in half and let it twist on itself.) Then I turned the bag inside out, folded the top of the bag over the cord, and sewed it to the bag making sure not to sew through the cord. I centered the cord in the bag and tied a knot about eight inches from the bag and trimmed off the rest.


I bought several stencils at the store making sure they were small enough to fit on a project 8 inches square. I turned the bag right side out, inserted a piece  of paper in the bag (so the paint wouldn’t soak through to the other side), and painted the desired scene. To give it extra pizzazz, I used a Sharpie marker to add shading.




And voila, I was on my way to making the gift bags I needed. Excuse me now, I need to weave more squares for the rest of the gift bags!


Dishcloth and Plant Holder Pattern

Who says dishcloths have to be square? This month’s dishie pattern is a beautiful pentagonal cloth made from FibraNatura Good Earth distributed by Universal Yarns. Though I stopped with an 8″ dishcloth, it could be made in any size. It’s the perfect dishcloth for washing and scrubbing as well as gift giving.

This lovely dishcloth would also be great as a doily or as a hot pad.


I fell in love with this design so much, I decided to turn it into a plant holder! The plant holder starts with a pentagonal base, with the side supports crocheted around that. Because of the design, it can hold various sized pots a little smaller or larger than 1.46 quarts.


Plants make a house so homey. Plant some ivy or perhaps some spices. Turn your kitchen into a living space!

Dishcloth: 8″

Plant Holder: 26 x 4 1/2″, holds a 1.46 qt pot

Halloween Pin Loom Projects

The Dishcloth+ Series: Pentagonal Dishcloth and Plant Holder is now available in the store.

Christmas Pin Loom Project Set

Pin Loom your Christmas decorations and gifts this year!


These festive woven projects have you and your friends’ names written all over them. Who doesn’t love a gnome? Add a little snowman to your indoor collection. Decorate with a beautiful wreath and garden flag. Relax on these lovely pillows. It truly is amazing what you can create with squares with a little shaping and sewing.


Each project is made with 4″ squares done in plain weave. (The pattern does NOT include how to plain weave.) Projects range from 1 to 38 squares, making them quick and easy to make.

The pattern includes:

~11 unique designs

~Step-by-step photos

~Templates for the felt pieces


Pattern also includes instructions on how to turn some of these things into magnets, little gift bags, greeting cards, and more.

Projects shown here are made with Red Heart Soft yarn. Not only is it soft, it also has a nice sheen. This is a great yarn for pin looming.

The pattern and templates for the Christmas Pin Loom Projects are now available in the store. Learn more about the Christmas Pin Loom Pattern Set here.

Halloween Pin Loom Projects

Casserole Cover and Bead Dishcloth

Dishcloth+ Series: “Bead” Dishcloth and Casserole Cover

Dishcloth and Casserole Cover Crochet Pattern

Going to a potluck? Casserole covers keep your food warm and make your dish easy to carry. Crochet one for your next get together!

The “bead” stitch accents both the 10 x 10 inch crochet dishcloth and the 9 x 13″ casserole cover!

I’m listing this as an intermediate pattern becacuse of the untraditional stitches. But I’ve defined both the bead stitch and the extended single crochet, so you should be able to whip this out in no time.

This set is crocheted with  Fibra Natura Good Earth distributed by Universal Yarn. This cotton linen blend is perfect for going from sink to washing machine and back again.

Available in the Store

The Dishcloth+ Series: Bead Stitch Dishcloth and Casserole Cover is now available in the store.

Basketweave Dishcloth and Bread Basket Liner

Crochet Basketweave Dishcloth and Bread Basket Liner Crochet Pattern

Basketweave dishie and bowl of dinner rolls in bread basket liner

Keep your buns warm and learn the crochet basketweave stitch! I’m talking dinner rolls. What did you think I meant?

Crochet basketweave dishieFirst in the pattern is written instructions for creating an 8″ x 8″ dishcloth. The crochet basketweave creates a ridged dishie that will come in handy for those pots and pans that need a little bit of elbow grease to get clean.

When you’ve mastered the basketweave stitch, you can create a lovely bread basket liner. The basketweave pattern creates a sturdy base for the liner. A v-stitch pattern is used on 4 side panels which provides a bit more drape for covering your dinner rolls.

This set is crocheted with  Fibra Natura Good Earth distributed by Universal Yarn. This cotton linen blend is perfect for going from sink to washing machine and back again.

Halloween Pin Loom Projects

The Dishcloth+ Series: Basketweave Dishcloth and Bread Basket Liner is now available in the store.

Halloween Pin Loom Projects

Scarecrow made with pin loom squares

Pin loom your Halloween decorations this year!

Choose from 11 unique designs, each created to make this Halloween special for everyone. Welcome friends with a Frankenstein garden flag. Dress up your flower pots with little scarecrows. Decorate your tables with pumpkins and ghosts. Treat your friends with spooky treat bags.

This pin loom set includes written instructions to make 11 spooky and festive designs, with step-by-step photos as well as the templates to cut out all the shapes pictured. Each project uses between 1 and 17 squares making them quick and fun projects. They are all made using plain weave squares.

Projects include pumpkins, ghosts, frankensteins, a bat and a scarecrow. Make a coaster, treat pouch, refrigerator magnet, table decorations and more.

NOT included, instructions on how to pin loom. All patterns use 4″ squares.

Monster Treat Bags each made wtih 2 pin loom squares

Gift your BFF or the little monsters in the neighborhood with a cute little treat pouch. Template for felt shapes are included in the pattern.

Pin Loom Pumpkin with Scared Cat Sillhouette

Decorate your home or office with a fun pin loomed pumpkin. Template for black cat is included in the pattern.

Garden Flat of Frankenstein made with pin loom squares

Welcome trick or treaters to your door with a monster garden flag. Template for felt shapes are included in the pattern.

Halloween Pin Loom Projects

The pattern and templates for the Halloween Pin Loom Projects are now available in the store. Learn more about the Halloween Monsters and Pumpkins Pin Loom Project Pattern.

Star Stitch Dishcloth and Cup Cozies

Dishcloth+ Series: Star Stitch Dishcloth and Cup Cozies

Star Stitch used in Crochet Dishcloth and Cup Cozies

The star stitch takes center stage with this dishcloth and cup cozy collection. Make an 8 1/2″x 8 3/4″ dishcloth or a cup cozy for your favorite tumbler.

Warm weather makes your drinks sweat, so wrap it in a cup cozy and keep your hands dry! The pattern is written for 3 popular sizes: a tapered glass (i.e. beer glass), a mason jar and mug.

If you’ve followed my blog very long you know I have a love affair with cup cozies! This particular set is crocheted with  Fibra Natura Good Earth distributed by Universal Yarn. This cotton linen blend is perfect for going from sink to washing machine and back again.

Available in the Store

The Dishcloth+ Series: Star Stitch Dishcloth and Cup Cozy Collection is now available in the store.