Bomber Hat Set

Bomber Hat Set – High Flying Fun

bomber hatThe Bomber Hat Set is just the ticket for high flying family adventure. Your imaginations will soar with these warm and cozy bomber hats, adjustable goggles and long flowing scarves. You can take to the skies with Amelia Earhart and the Wright Brothers simulating flights in open-air cockpits.

The bomber hat and goggles were standard issue even after cockpits became enclosed (through World War II). So don’t let your adventures stall out…put on your flying gear and take a trip around the world!

Bomber Hat Set – Fun for the Whole Family

We have a bomber hat set for everyone in the family! We’ve got everyone’s head covered: from newborns to adults and from boys and girls to moms and dads!

The hat patterns comes in 6 sizes – newborn to adult men. The hat is modeled after the leather flying caps that had wool interiors and long ear flaps with pockets for radios.

The flying goggles come in 3 sizes – baby, child and adult. All of the goggles have adjustable straps. The pattern includes instructions on crocheting your own buckles or incorporating store bought ones.

The scarves come in 3 sizes -baby, child and adult. Each scarf is a different pattern. Mix up the colors to add even more variety.

hats goggles and scarves

Bomber Hat Set – Available in the Store

Let’s get these bomber hats off the printed page and on your families heads! Your crocheting fingers will fly through these patterns. The Aviator Set is available now in the store.

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  1. Is there a possibility I could get the patterns? I’m from Argentina. And I would love to make a bomber hat for my boyfriend as a present.