FREE Accessories for Pork Chop

FREE Accessories for Pork Chop

This is an add on to "Pork Chop". Be sure to purchase him first. This pattern includes dress-up items such as shirt, collar, pinwheel and instructions for turning "Pork Chop" into the Arkansas Razorbacks mascot, "Tusk".


***This is a PDF Pattern (Instructions) Only. Not a finished product.***

FREE Accessories for “Pork Chop”

Dress up “Pork Chop” to look like any number of famous pigs. He’ll look like:

  • “Wilbur” from Charlotte’s Web with a collar and medal.
  • “Maxwell” from the Geico commercials with a pinwheel.
  • “Napoleon” from Animal Farm with a shirt (and standing on his hind legs).
  • “Tusk”, the Arkansas Razorback mascot, when crocheted in school colors with a lettered shirt.

These accessories and modifications are free, but you will need to purchase “Pork Chop” for the instructions on making the pig (and wild boar) stuffed animal that these accessories work with.

***You have permission to sell or give away your finished handiwork as long as credit is given to***