Pig and Wild Boar Crochet Pattern “Pork Chop”

Pig and Wild Boar Crochet Pattern "Pork Chop"

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***This is a PDF Pattern (Instructions) Only. Not a finished product.***

Cute pig and realistic wild boar. Be sure to add the FREE Accessories to your cart for the free collar, shirt, and more…

Pig and Wild Boar Crochet Pattern

Create your very own pig or wild boar with this all-in-one pattern. Make a farm animal for the kids and create a mounted boar’s head for the study (or library, or craft room…).

Skill Level: Easy

This pattern includes detailed instructions, lots of photos, supply list, abbreviation list, checkboxes to mark your progress, gauge info and more. This pattern includes directions for the following items:

  • ~”Pork Chop” the pig stuffed animal.
  • ~”Pork Chop” as a mounted pig head.
  • ~Wild Boar stuffed animal.
  • ~Mounted Boar’s Head.
  • ~”Wood” mount.

Pig and Wild Boar Crochet Pattern – Famous Variety

In this pig and wild boar crochet pattern, we offer a few suggestions of famous swine, such as:

  • ~Maxwell, the Geico Pig
  • ~Napoleon from Animal Farm
  • ~Piglet from Winnie the Pooh
  • ~Porky Pig from Looney Tunes
  • ~Tusk, the Arkansas Razorbacks mascot
  • ~Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web

This pig pattern may not look exactly like the famous pigs and boar listed above, but with a little imagination and a few modifications, you can come pretty close.

Be sure to add the FREE Accessories to your cart for the instructions for the shirt, collar, Tusk and more…

***This pattern is for YOUR EYES only. You have permission to give away and sell finished pieces as long as credit is given to Yarnovations.com.***

Length: 10″ Height: 5.5″ Width: 4.75″
Mounted Boar’s Head:
Length: 5.5″ Height: 6.5″ Width: 6.5″


  1. Joy Edwards says

    I just want to tell you how much I am enjoying the Pork Chop pattern. I made this for a gift and it was very much loved. I especially like the way you put check boxes for each row of work. Thanks for a great pattern site.