Crochet Abbreviations

Knowing what crochet abbreviations stand for is the key to reading a crochet pattern. It can sometimes feel like you’re reading a foriegn language. These lists should help you interpret what you’re reading.

US Terms – All abbreviations below are those commonly used in the United States. We’ve provided a conversion chart for people in case you encounter a UK pattern (or are from the UK and using our US based patterns).

US UK Abbreviations ChartCrochet Abbreviations (listed alphabetically)


bhdc = Bar Half Double Crochet

bl = Back Loop

blo = Back Loop Only

bpdc = Back Post Double Crochet

bphdc = Back Post Half Double Crochet

bpsc = Back Post Single Crochet

bptrc = Back Post Treble (Triple) Crochet

ch = Chain

dc = Double Crochet

dc2tog = Double Crochet 2 Stitches Together

dc dec = Double Crochet Decrease

dc inc = Double Crochet Increase

fbhdc = Front Bar Half Double Crochet

fdc = foundation chain double crochet (also: nfcdc, or ncfdc)

fhdc = foundation chain half double crochet (also: nfchdc or ncfhdc)

fl = Front Loop

flo = Front Loop Only

fsc = foundation chain single crochet (also: nfcsc or ncfsc)

ftrc = foundation chain treble (triple) crochet (also: nfctrc or ncftrc)

fpdc = Front Post Double Crochet

fphdc = Front Post Half Double Crochet

fpsc = Front Post Single Crochet

fptrc = Front Post Treble (Triple) Crochet

hdc = Half Double Crochet

hdc2tog = Half Double Crochet 2 Stitches Together

hdc dec = Half Double Crochet Decrease

hdc inc = Half Double Crochet Increase

rnd = Round

sc = Single Crochet

sc2tog = Single Crochet 2 Stitches Together

sc dec = Single Crochet Decrease

sc inc = Single Crochet Increase

sl st = Slip Stitch

sl st dec = Slip Stitch Decrease

sl st inc = Slip Stitch Increase

st(s) = Stitch(es)

Tog = Together

trc = treble (triple) crochet

trc2tog = Treble Crochet 2 Stitches Together

trc dec = treble (triple) crochet decrease

trc inc = treble (triple) crochet increase

YO = Yarn Over

*instructions* # = repeat the section between the ** the number of times listed after the second *.


More Crochet Abbreviations


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