Star Stitch Dishcloth and Cup Cozies

Dishcloth+ Series: Star Stitch Dishcloth and Cup Cozies

Star Stitch used in Crochet Dishcloth and Cup Cozies

The star stitch takes center stage with this dishcloth and cup cozy collection. Make an 8 1/2″x 8 3/4″ dishcloth or a cup cozy for your favorite tumbler.

Warm weather makes your drinks sweat, so wrap it in a cup cozy and keep your hands dry! The pattern is written for 3 popular sizes: a tapered glass (i.e. beer glass), a mason jar and mug.

If you’ve followed my blog very long you know I have a love affair with cup cozies! This particular set is crocheted with  Fibra Natura Good Earth distributed by Universal Yarn. This cotton linen blend is perfect for going from sink to washing machine and back again.

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The Dishcloth+ Series: Star Stitch Dishcloth and Cup Cozy Collection is now available in the store.

What Can You Make With 8 Yards of Yarn?

What can you make with only 8 yards of yarn?

8 yards is not a lot of yarn. And yet, that’s all it takes to make a 4″ x 4″ square on a pin loom. But how does that compare with the more popular crafts like knit and crochet? I decided to test it out with some basic swatches.

8 yards in single crochet, double crochet, stockinette knitting and pin looming

All swatches are made with Red Heart Soft in Guacamole (a worsted weight yarn). Let’s start at the top.

Pin Loom Square (pictured top center)

The pin loom square is about 4″ x 4″. This square is shown in the pattern Weave 4 from Original Loomette Weaving (a free downloadable pattern book is available on eLoomaNation).

Double Crochet (pictured right)

Double crochet swatch worked in rows with an H / 5.00 mm hook measures 3 3/4″ x 2 1/2″.

Stockinette Knitting (pictured bottom center)

Stockinette swatch worked in rows on size 8 / 5.00 mm needles measures 3 3/4″ x 3″.

Single Crochet (pictured left)

Single crochet swatched worked in rows with an H / 5.00 mm hook measures 3 3/4″ x 2″.

What does it mean?

This isn’t an exhaustive study of pin loom vs. crochet vs. knitting by any stretch of the imagination. But I think it’s a fun simple illustration of the potential pin looming has when it comes to maximizing design with minimal supplies. Or more simply stated…pin looming is a great tool for stash busting.

Pin Loom Baby Blanket Pattern and Alphabet Set

Pin loomed baby blanket with Alphabet Set squares.

Obviously changing hook or needle size as well as stitch pattern will influence the size of a swatch in both crochet and knitting. This quick little test was more about camparing the basics of each craft rather than an indepth study of any of the three.

As you might guess based on the sizes of the swatches, the pin loom square is the lightest and most flexible. As the swatches get smaller, the fabric becomes more dense creating a more solid and sturdy swatch with single crochet being the most hefty of the bunch.

There’s not a lot you can make with only 8 yards of yarn (maybe a coaster or doll blanket). But the possibilities abound when you have several strands of yarn that are 8 yards long. As pictured in the swatches above, you can make 32 squares with one skein of Red Heart Soft. At 4″ x 4″ per square, it would only take 2 to 3 skeins of yarn to make a baby blanket! If you’re using yarn remnants, the patchwork possibilities are endless! You can make bags, blankets, shawls, curtains, and more.

So, don’t throw away your old left over yarn remnants. Save them up for pin looming!

Fan and V Stitch Dishcloth and Apron

Dishcloth+ Series: July’s Fan and V Stitch Dishcloth and Crochet Apron

Crochet Apron and Crochet Dishcloth in the Dishcloth+ Series

Hey good lookin’. How about crochetin’ a dishie and apron for the kitchen?

Whether you’re dressed up with pearls or wearing your comfy casual clothes, you’ll want to protect your outfit from spills, splatters and drips.

Learn the Fan and V stitch on a fun dishcloth, then put your new skills to work and create a beautiful apron.

The apron is adjustable with a ribbon waist tie and D rings at the neck strap.

Fan and V Stitch Crochet DishclothDon’t want a full apron with bib top? Follow the instructions to make a cloth apron with a simple crochet edging that will cover you from the waist down.

The dishcloth and apron are crocheted in Fibra Natura Good Earth distributed by Universal Yarn. This cotton linen blend is perfect for going from sink to washing machine and back again.

Available in the Store

Available in the Store

The Dishcloth+ Series: Fan and V Stitch Crochet Apron and Dishcloth is now available in the store.

Bobbles Dishcloth and Trivet

Dishcloth+ Series: June’s Bobbles Dishcloth and Crochet Trivet / Hot Pad

Bobbles Crochet Dishcloth and Trivet Set

When things get too hot to handle, reach for your crocheted trivet / hot pad!

View of both sides of the trivetBobbles are fabulous stitches for adding big round nubs of texture to your crochet fabric. On the dishcloth they act as extra scrubbing features. On a trivet or hot pad, they add extra bulk to separate hot pots and pans from your dining room table.

The dishie was designed with fewer bobbles so that it can still fit inside cups and glasses.

The trivet was designed with many bobbles to create a thicker fabric. Many crocheted hot pads are simply two layers of crochet sewn together. Here we’ve created one with Insul-Bright Batting so that it will provide a heat blocker between your hot pots and pans and your hand or dining room table. Add a fun cotton fabric backing to coordinate with your kitchen.

The dishcloth and trivet are crocheted in Fibra Natura Good Earth distributed by Universal Yarn. This cotton linen blend is perfect for going from sink to washing machine and back again.

Available in the Store

Available in the Store

The Dishcloth+ Series: Fantail Dishie and Trivet Crochet Pattern is now available in the store.

Summer Floral Wreath

Summer Floral Wreath

Floral Wreath with 3 crochet flowers

Hello Summer!

I crochet all year long, even in the hot summer weather. It’s the perfect time of the year to crochet smaller projects like flowers! This super fun wreath will dress up your front door or wall in your home.

This sunny wreath is a cozy that wraps around a 14″ straw wreath. And the floral blooms are a mix of three crochet flowers whipped up in several different colors. This would be a great stash busting project!

Of course, the flowers can be used lots of different ways. Create a bouquet and put them in a vase. Or attach them to a hair clip or a newborn headband.

Learn more about the Summer Floral Wreath.

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Pin Loom Pattern Baby Blanket and Alphabet Set

Baby Blanket with Crochet Edge Pin Loom Pattern with 36 New Pin Loom Square Patterns

Pin Loom Baby Blanket and Alphabet and Number Set

Create your own baby blanket by pin loom weaving! This sweet little baby blanket was made with a 4″ Zoom Loom, 2 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver yarn and a size H crochet hook!

The Zoom Loom allows you to weave on the go (or while watching the kids play on the playground in my case). It creates 4″ squares that can be joined by needle or hook. Then, you can dress it up (if you want) with a bit of crochet edging (crochet is still my first love, so you know I couldn’t resist adding that).

This baby blanket pin loom pattern includes:

  • 26 capital letters (A-Z)
  • 10 numbers (0-9)
  • 3 Join Options (2 with needle, 1 with crochet hook – with illustrated photos)
  • Baby Blanket Instructions (assembly and crochet edging pattern)
  • Photos on setting up the warp and weave of the Zoom Loom
  • Photo examples of 1 and 2 color options

The baby blanket pictured measures 25 1/2″ x 25 1/2″…the perfect size for car seat or stroller.

The Baby Blanket and Alphabet Set Pin Loom Pattern is available in the store.

Available in the Store

Fantail Dishcloth and Crochet Market Bag

Dishcloth+ Series: May’s Fantail Dishcloth and Crochet Market Bag

Crochet Market Bag and Dishcloth

Whether you just want to learn the fantail stitch or are looking for a fun lacy project to crochet, the fantail dishcloth and market bag are two fun projects to make.

Dishie and Market BagThe fantail creates a dishie that’s both lacy yet solid that’s perfect for hand washing.

The crochet market bag was designed to be more solid at the base and lacy in the middle to both catch little items that work their way to the bottom of the bag and bulky items that need to stretch.

The dishcloth and market bag are crocheted in Fibra Natura Good Earth distributed by Universal Yarn. This cotton linen blend is perfect for going from sink to washing machine and back again.

Available in the Store

Available in the Store

The Dishcloth+ Series: Fantail Dishie and Market Bag Crochet Pattern is now available in the store.

Crochet Towel Topper and Dishcloth Set

Dishcloth+ Series: April’s Dress Towel Topper and Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

Crochet Dishcloth and Towel Topper-Pattern

Dress up your kitchen with this beautiful crocheted dress towel topper and coordinating dishcloth. This pattern was created out of love and necessity. I love to crochet, and I hate picking my dishtowels up off the floor. With two toddlers in the home, picking the towel up from the floor was happening way too frequently! My solution, crochet a beautiful accessory. Not only would it be lovely to look at, I wouldn’t have to pick the towel up off the floor every time I wanted to dry my hands.

The dishcloth and towel topper work up quickly with a lovely woven stitch (sometimes called the linen stitch). Less dense than a straight single crochet, the woven stitch is a little more flexible and has more drape. The fancy scalloped edge gives it a dash of elegance.

Towel Topper Dressy Design

Crochet Towel Topper and DishieThe towel topper does require a bit of hand sewing as the crocheted portion is crocheted on two halves of the towel. The back half is placed over an oven handle or other handle and tucked into the waistband securing it in place. This design requires a fair amount of tugging by little hands to pull it down, making it a dream. (It will need to be buttoned in place for more persistent tuggers like my children!)

Pictured, the dishcloth and kitchen towel are crocheted in Fibra Natura Good Earth distributed by Universal Yarn. This cotton linen blend is perfect for going from sink to washing machine and back again.

Available in the Store

Available in the Store

The Dishcloth+ Series: Woven Stitch Dishcloth and Crochet Towel Topper Crochet Pattern is now available in the store.

Review: Fibra Natura Good Earth

The Dishcloth+ Series, sponsored by Universal Yarn, uses Fibra Natura Good Earth yarn. It’s been a blast to work with. Here’s my impression of the yarn.

Fibra Natura Good Earth

Yarn Features:

Universal Yarn describes Good Earth as: a soft cotton/linen blend that’s easy on the hands and a pleasure to work with.

Worsted Weight: 170 yrds / 100 g
53% Cotton and 47% Linen

Good Earth Pros:

  • Beautiful soft color pallette
  • Also available in variegated yarn colors
  • Creates a durable fabric
  • Fiber blend gives is a nice drape
  • Fabric softens with washing
  • Good for showing stitch definition
  • No elasticity, which is good for a durable dishcloth; it won’t get out of shape

Good Earth Cons:

I label the following as cons, but they might better be labeled “Things to be aware of.”

  • Shrinks when washed. Many fibers shrink when washed, and this is one. If the dimensions of the project matter, it might be a good idea to make the project a little larger.
  • Loses a bit of it’s sheen after going through washer/dryer. I’ve had other cotton fade drastically when washed. This maintains its beautiful color after washing with only a little loss of its sheen.

Good Earth Holding Up in the Wash

Good Earth WashedIt’s a dishcloth, so naturally I ran it through the wash. Pictured right is the Corner to Corner Dishcloth. Left, in Jade (green), is the original dishie. Right, in Canyon (pink), is the dishcloth after one time through the laundry.

Prior to washing, the dishcloth measured 8″x8″. After a trip through the washer and dryer it measured an inch smaller.

If you have to (or choose to) wash dishes by hand, this fiber is fabulous. It’s durable yet soft. It will soak up water like a sponge if it’s alreay damp, so it’s great for cleaning up spills.

The colors in this line blend well together. They are soft and soothing, a lovely mix of tones. Because it’s a blend of cotton and linen, it really is much softer to crochet with than many straight cotton yarns. The finished product is softer as well.

Dana is a big fan of knit and crochet dishies, so you’ll find this at her kitchen sink or in a drawer waiting for it’s turn to scrub pots and pans.

Both Dana and I have enjoyed working with Fibra Natura Good Earth in the Dishchloth+ Series. I look forward to showing you more fun kitchen and dining stuff in the coming months.


Deborah Goes Solo

Deborah is Taking the Reins 

Deborah Takes the Reins

Change takes many forms and has been active in the lives of my sister and me. The biggest change for Yarnovations is that Deborah will be running the business solo. I, Dana, started working for Interweave (F+W Media), which I love, and can no longer continue with Yarnovations.

What that means for you, our crochet buddies, is that you can still expect quirky and fun designs from Yarnovations, but most likely you’ll see them with less frequency. And, they will all be designed by Deborah.

The Dishcloth+ Series is still on schedule. So be looking for that each month. I’ve gotten a sneak peek at designs coming up in the next couple of months…they are way fun. As for other designs…time will tell.

Dana Bincer Assistant Editor - Crochet at FW MediaThough I won’t be seeing you here, I do look forward to interacting with you on behalf of Interweave Crochet and Love of Crochet. I occasionally pop in on the blog and ravelry group. Join me there for fun crochet related content and crochet-alongs!

Although this is goodbye from me at Yarnovations, I know I’m leaving you in fabulous hands. And I’m happy to say, “I’ll see you around”, cause I’m still working the crochet scene…just mixing it up with a new crew.