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Crochet Gifts on Cafe Press

Crochet Gifts (and Knitting ones, too) on Cafe Press

Crochet-is-Wicked-Fun-tshirtWe are crochet addicts. One sure way to tell is that we love to give and receive crochet related gifts. There aren’t a lot of tools needed beyond a hook (or needle) and yarn. But fun items with crochet sayings on them are equally appreciated.

For Christmas 2014, I (Dana) was on the hunt for a crochet related gift item for my twin sister. When I couldn’t find one, I asked my good friend Lorien if she could draw something for me. I love what she came up with. Check out her Crochet Crush!

The gift was quite inspirational. So much so, that at the beginning of the year Deborah pulled out some markers and began a little doodling of her own. We’ve plastered these drawings on lots of different gift items and you can order one or as many as you like on Cafe


There are a handful of designs on our Cafe Press page. More will be added soon, so be sure to check back!

His and Hers Cowl Crochet Pattern

His and Hers Cowls – Crochet Pattern

Photo: Love of Crochet Magazine

Photos: Love of Crochet Magazine


You may recognize these delightful cowls from the Holiday 2013 Issue of Love of Crochet Magazine. The pattern is now available in the Yarnovations Shop: His and Hers Cowl.

I, Dana, specifically designed these with beginners in mind. Deborah and I love playing around with a wide variety of stitches and techniques…but for this I wanted something that was simple and classic. The yarn and accents have a chance to shine in this crochet pattern.

The pattern includes suggestions for how the pattern can be modified for longer cowls and scarves. With the suggestioned variations, you can make gifts for the whole family that look unique even though they use the same basic design.

His and Hers Cowl is now available.

Available in the Store

Crochet Football Newborn Outfit Crochet Pattern

Crochet Football Newborn Outfit & Team Hats for the Whole Family – Crochet Pattern


Hey football fans! Newborns score big with this newborn football outfit. This PDF ebook also includes hats for the whole family…so everyone can get into the game!

The Football Set crochet pattern ebook is now available in the store.

Pattern includes:

  • Newborn Helmet
  • Newborn Football Mitts
  • Newborn Cleats Booties
  • Newborn Jersey Sweater
  • 5 Beanie Hat Sizes – 3 mos to adult men
  • 3 Jersey Sweater Sizes – newborn to 24 mos
  • Number Appliques: 1, 2, 3

Newborn-Football-Outfit-Crochet-PatternNewborn Football Outfit

With a newborn in the family, we couldn’t resist crocheting a newborn photo prop to celebrate football season. And you know how it is…once we made some mitts, we couldn’t resist making some booties. Then we thought…if the little guy is really going to get into the game, he needs a helmet and jersey, too!

So, the newborn football outfit is born. But we couldn’t even stop there. We wanted to get the whole family involved.

Football-Team-HatsFootball Beanies – Hats for the Whole Family

Football is a fall and winter sport…and for lots of teams, you need a hat when you go to the game.

The pattern includes striped beanie hats for ages 3 mos to adult men.

Mix and match the colors to match your favorite teams.

And there’s more.

Football-Jersey-Baby-SweatersFootball Jersey – Sweater for Newborn to 24 mos.

We’ve included instructions for making the jersey (sweaters for babies) newborn to 24 mos. Crochet the number of your favorite player or the birth order of the child wearing the sweater.

We’ve included instructions for the numbers 1, 2 and 3.

Football Set – Available Now in the Store

The Football Set is now available in the store as a PDF.

The pattern includes written instructions, lots of photos, checkboxes to mark your progress, supplies list and more.

Available in the Store


Published in Holiday 2014 Issue of Love of Crochet

Photo: Love of Crochet

Photo: Love of Crochet

Published in the Holiday 2014 issue of Love of Crochet Magazine!

We are thrilled to have several patterns in the Holiday issue of Love of Crochet magazine. It should be in stores soon.

Designs include:

  • cute holiday cards,
  • warm winter accessories and
  • fun gift ideas.

We used several several different types of yarn in our designs including, wool, fur, thread, and acrylic.

Check out the designs in the issue:

Twirling Tidings

by Dana

Holiday Spinner Cards

If you really want to impress your friends and family this holiday season, crochet your Seasons Greetings! Shh…don’t tell, but these appliques are quick and easy to whip up. In just a few short rows, you have a cute holiday design.

Which is your favorite? The snowflake was the very first greeting card I, Dana, designed. The bell is distinguished looking. The gingerbread man is just plain fun. But I think the holly is my favorite because of my love of the great outdoors.

Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Thread

Photo: Love of Crochet

Photo: Love of Crochet

Houndstooth Trio

by Deborah

This elegant winter set features a stunning combination of houndstooth print with wool and fun fur yarn.  The houndstooth design is easier to crochet than you might think with the use of the spike stitch.

The muff is reversible since it’s fully lined. The hat and cowl use fur just on the edge so they aren’t overwhelmingly hot (though if you live in a really cold local, you could line them both).

Fur yarn can be tricky to work with since it covers up your stitches, but I think you’ll agree, it’s totally worth it. The fur looks and feels super soft and warm.

Yarn: Trendsetter Merino 8 and La Furla

Photo: Love of Crochet

Photo: Love of Crochet

Panda Party Set

by Deborah

Pandas are beary cute! This is a delightful set for baby and sibling.

Baby will look adorable in the panda hat and pants. The face on the hat is dreamy and the tail on the bum will make you smile.

Big brother or sister will love the bean bag chair. It’s fun to run and jump on. This is another cozy that wraps around a 21″ bean bag chair. The panda is holding a delicious piece of bamboo to munch on.

The baby blanket features tall pieces of bamboo and the Chinese character for bamboo. The black and white background really make the Chinese features pop.

Baby will also enjoy playing with the cute miniature panda, too. It’s shaped like a Russian doll.

Yarn: Vanna’s Choice

Photo: Love of Crochet

Photo: Love of Crochet

Two Wordy – Tile Bag

by Dana

This game bag has been specifically designed for the beginner crocheter. It’s a rectangle sewn up into a bag. It’s quick and easy.

It’s a great gift idea for kids of all ages. I, Dana, designed this for my father-in-law. He and I love playing word games!

Set the timer for two minutes and see who can come up with the most words / points on their own criss-crossed word board.

Yarn: Premier Ever Soft

Wishing you a fun hand-crocheted holiday this year!




Panda Doorknob Cozy

Panda Doorknob Cozy FREE on

Photo: Red Heart

Photo: Red Heart

We’ve created a cute panda doorknob cozy for Red Heart and it’s FREE on their website!

This cozy is a fun accent to a child’s room and may act as a child proof cozy for toddlers!

The cozy was designed using Red Heart Soft yarn. This yarn is 100% acrylic and is surprisingly soft! We love using it because of how cozy it feels running through our fingers…and it’s washable!

Get your free Panda Doorknob Cozy at



Soldier Christmas Wreath – Crochet Pattern

Soldier Christmas Wreath – Crochet Pattern

Soldier Christmas Wreath

The wait is over. Deborah’s award winning Soldier Christmas Wreath is now available as a crochet pattern!

Crochet your own award winning wreath. It will look adorable on your front door, on the living room wall or even on the front grill of your car (although the poinsettia’s may wilt in the weather – and really, after all the work you put into the wreath…perhaps inside the car would be better)!

This crochet pattern includes all the elements you see including:

  • Crocodile Stitch Wreath Cozy
  • Toy Soldier
  • Poinsettia
  • Bugle
  • Pine Cone

The Soldier Christmas Wreath was made with Lion Brand, Vanna’s Choice yarn. The vivid primary colors do a fabulous job of capturing the spirit of the Christmas season.

Soldier Christmas Wreath – In the Store

Get the pattern and learn more about the Soldier Christmas Wreath in the store.

Available in the Store


Argyle Bean Bag Ottoman Pouf

Argyle Bean Bag Ottoman / Pouf – Crochet Pattern

Photo: Red Heart

Photo: Red Heart

We love to crochet around bean bag chairs…this time we’ve turned the bean bag into an ottoman / pouf!

I, Dana, designed this ottoman for and it’s a free pattern on their website. I selected Red Heart Soft for a couple of reasons: 1) I love the texture of Red Heart Soft…if feels comfortable to crochet with and 2) I love the sheen of Red Heart Soft…the colors are nice and vibrant.

Here are some of my favorite things about this project:

  1. Crocheted in hdc in Rows so that there is a texture to the piece.
  2. Crocheted with two strands at once so it whips up quicker than you’d think.
  3. The argyle print is made of square and triangles whip stitched together to form an argyle panel.
  4. It’s easy to stuff the bean bag into the project because of the 3 panel construction.

FREE Argyle Ottoman at Red Heart.

Get the Argyle Ottoman crochet pattern FREE at

Turtle Family Crochet Pattern

Turtle Crochet Pattern – Mommy and Baby Turtle Rattle

Crochet Turtles Pattern

This turtle family crochet pattern is a whole lot of fun! The little guy is crocheted around a small plastic Easter egg to create a baby rattle! As baby gets a little older, he or she can shake the rattle and dance to some music.

Pattern includes:

  • Mommy Turtle Stuffed Animal
  • Baby Turtle Rattle
  • Pentagon Pattern
  • Hexagon Pattern

This Turtle Crochet Pattern PDF also includes instructions on how to crochet the spike stitch.

We label this project as intermediate because of the spike stitch. But if you’ve crocheted pentagons and hexagons before, then you should have no problem with this pattern.

When your kids ask you for a pet…crochet them one of these!

Available in the Store

Photo: Love of Crochet Magazine

Photo: Love of Crochet Magazine

Coordinates with Published Set

These little stuffed animals coordinate with the “Teensy Turtle Baby Set” that was published in “Love of Crochet” magazine Fall 2014! The Teensy Turtle Baby Set in the magazine includes a baby blanket, hat, diaper cover and cape.

Winner in 2014 CGOA Design Contest

Winner at the Crochet Guild of America 2014 Design Competition

Congrats to Deborah for her winning entry at the CGOA 2014 Design Competition. That’s two years in a row! (See her owl bean bag chair winning entry from 2013) I may be a little bias since she’s my sister…but I think she totally ROCKS!

3rd Place in the Afghan and Home Decor Category


Photo: Doris Chan

Title: A Soldier’s Christmas

Do you want one of these on your front door this Christmas as much as I do? I (Dana) was blown away with this crocheted Christmas wreath. I really wish you could see it in person it’s so rich in color and texture.

There are a lot of fun details that make this so breathtaking. I love the texture that the crocodile stitch leaves add to the base of the wreath. I’m in love with the soldier (don’t tell my husband) and all the detailing on his jacket. And I adore the scales on the pine cones. I can hardly wait for Deborah to write up this pattern so I can make one of these for my home!

Special Thanks & Links to Other Winners and Entries


A big thank you once again to Doris Chan for organizing a fabulous design competition. We are super thankful for all the work Doris puts into this annual competition. (And I’m sure she’s thanking Deborah for not sending in another bean bag chair like last year!)

And thank you to the judges: Jenny KingSusan Lowman and Karen Manthey. I’m sure it was a challenge to pick just three winners in each category.

It’s the 20th anniversary of the Crochet Guild of America and some of the designers incorporated that theme into their designs which was fun to see.

Visit Doris Chan’s website for all the winners and entries:

Deborah had two more entries in the competition that didn’t place. See if you can spot them in the slide show!