Ordering, Shipping and Privacy

Getting Your Patterns

Order online and receive your patterns instantly! Here’s how:

  1. Click on a pattern for the details.
  2. Click “add to cart”.
  3. Click “Continue Shopping” to add other “must have” patterns to your cart. Repeat steps 1 and 2 as needed.
  4. Once you’ve added all the patterns you want, click “Proceed to Checkout”.
  5. Enter your name and email address. Put a check in the box if you’d like to be added to our email list (see Privacy section below).
  6. If you are ordering FREE stuff, click “Submit Order”. If you are purchasing some patterns, click “Checkout with PayPal”.
  7. Enter your billing and credit card information on PayPal (see Privacy section below).
  8. Upon completion of your order, you will receive an emailed receipt. Each item you purchase will be on it’s own line. Below each line is the word “Download”. Click that and the pattern will be downloaded to your computer. Save and print for your personal use.
  9. If you don’t receive your receipt, check your junkemail or spam folder. If you don’t see it there, contact us and we’ll send you another copy of it.


Shipping and handling is FREE! Well, it should be since you’re purchasing downloadable patterns! Since the cart automatically sends you a receipt with the downloadable patterns, there’s no need for a handling fee either!


Your privacy is important to us. We’re safe guarding it a couple different ways.

  1. Email Privacy – Your contact info is safe with us. We won’t sell or share your name or email address with anyone else.
  2. Billing Privacy – Your billing information is entered into PayPal, not on our site. This adds a layer of security between you and the places you make purchases online (such as Yarnovations.com).