New Assistant Editor – Crochet at F+W Media

Dana is now the Assistant Editor – Crochet at F+W Media

Dana Bincer Assistant Editor - Crochet at FW Media

It’s official. I, Dana, am the new Assistant Editor – Crochet at F+W Media…it says so on the name badge on my cubicle wall! Woot. I get to work on both Interweave Crochet and Love of Crochet.

I moved to Fort Collins and started work a week ago and it’s been a blast. To say this is my dream job would be an under statement. My coworkers (and boss) are amazingly talented and very helpful / supportive as I learn my new responsibilities. They are ok with my pink hair and I can wear jeans to work. Oh, and I get to talk crochet all day – I know…pretty awesome. I haven’t picked up a crochet hook since I started…but I’m sure I will once I get settled in a bit more.

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