Hookalicious Award for Holiday Hooking Goodness

Christmas Gift BagsYarnovations received the Hookalicious Award for Holiday Hooking Goodness from Crochet Liberation Front. Thank you so much. It’s an honor to receive this award. Not only did we receive the award, but they wrote up  an awesome review, too! Gee…thanks!

We received the Hookalicious Award for Holiday Hooking Goodness for our Holiday Gift  Bag Set. I personally love this set because it works for sooo many holidays. Christmas, of course. But any winter holiday gift can be dressed up in one of these bags.

Crochet Liberation Front is a fun sight. You’ll find book reviews (crochet, of course) and various awards. They have Flamie Awards. Since 2009 they’ve been awarding people for phenomenal work. And there are a ton of categories. So if you want to see some really awesome crochet stuff, the Flamie Awards are a must see. You have got to check out the 2011 Flamie 3D Object. Ummm AMAZING! I’m just sayin’.

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