Hard Hat Photo Shoot

This hard hat photo shoot was a lot of fun. The crochet mining set is a great way to capture young people in fun photos. Caves, mining museums or themed playgrounds provide great backdrops to the crochet mining set. We took some friends to Whit’s End in Colorado Springs for some fun and photos.

Hard Hat Photo Shoot – Playtime Unfolds

Let’s watch their playtime in action.

hard hat photo shoot

Here the guys are pointing out their next site to be hit with dynamite.

twins with hard hats

The twins are discussing the plan the boys have come up with.

tunnel with hard hats

As they travel through the tunnels to setup, the boys are thankful for the lights on their hard hats.

cave explosion

Cover your ears, it’s time to blast the dynamite!

We’re happy to report that there were no injuries during the mining excursion. Everyone had a blast.

Hard Hat Photo Shoot – The Ensemble

hard hat and mining setThe crochet pattern for the Hard Hat and Mining Set is available in the store. It comes with directions to make the hard hat, blasting box, dynamite and dynamite storage box (not pictured).

The shirts the kids were wearing are available on Etsy at Chic Couture Boutique. Check out the Chevron tie t-shirt for the guys and the heart t-shirt for the girls.

Thanks Chic couture Boutique for joining us on this explosively fun adventure.


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  1. Pixie F. says:

    Kudos to you! The Hard Hat Mining Set is hands down THE single most imaginative fiber project I’ve seen, & I started seeing projects back in the ‘wow! styrofoam balls!’ days. I want to add crocheted broken beams & gold nuggets (or diamonds?) along with some exploded dynamite sticks … hint hint (tho I can probably figure those out). This is a must-have set for me; maybe I’ll let the grandkids play with it too! 🙂 Thank You so much!

    • yarnitect says:

      Thanks for your kind words, Pixie. This is one of my all time favorites, too. My sister created it…so I think it’s ok for me to say that! =)

      I love your ideas! Broken beams, exploded dynamite…what a hoot. I’m sure the grandkids will have a blast at your house…assuming you’re sharing!