Deborah Goes Solo

Deborah is Taking the Reins 

Deborah Takes the Reins

Change takes many forms and has been active in the lives of my sister and me. The biggest change for Yarnovations is that Deborah will be running the business solo. I, Dana, started working for Interweave (F+W Media), which I love, and can no longer continue with Yarnovations.

What that means for you, our crochet buddies, is that you can still expect quirky and fun designs from Yarnovations, but most likely you’ll see them with less frequency. And, they will all be designed by Deborah.

The Dishcloth+ Series is still on schedule. So be looking for that each month. I’ve gotten a sneak peek at designs coming up in the next couple of months…they are way fun. As for other designs…time will tell.

Dana Bincer Assistant Editor - Crochet at FW MediaThough I won’t be seeing you here, I do look forward to interacting with you on behalf of Interweave Crochet and Love of Crochet. I occasionally pop in on the blog and ravelry group. Join me there for fun crochet related content and crochet-alongs!

Although this is goodbye from me at Yarnovations, I know I’m leaving you in fabulous hands. And I’m happy to say, “I’ll see you around”, cause I’m still working the crochet scene…just mixing it up with a new crew.

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