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Winner in 2014 CGOA Design Contest

Winner at the Crochet Guild of America 2014 Design Competition

Congrats to Deborah for her winning entry at the CGOA 2014 Design Competition. That’s two years in a row! (See her owl bean bag chair winning entry from 2013) I may be a little bias since she’s my sister…but I think she totally ROCKS!

3rd Place in the Afghan and Home Decor Category


Photo: Doris Chan

Title: A Soldier’s Christmas

Do you want one of these on your front door this Christmas as much as I do? I (Dana) was blown away with this crocheted Christmas wreath. I really wish you could see it in person it’s so rich in color and texture.

There are a lot of fun details that make this so breathtaking. I love the texture that the crocodile stitch leaves add to the base of the wreath. I’m in love with the soldier (don’t tell my husband) and all the detailing on his jacket. And I adore the scales on the pine cones. I can hardly wait for Deborah to write up this pattern so I can make one of these for my home!

Special Thanks & Links to Other Winners and Entries


A big thank you once again to Doris Chan for organizing a fabulous design competition. We are super thankful for all the work Doris puts into this annual competition. (And I’m sure she’s thanking Deborah for not sending in another bean bag chair like last year!)

And thank you to the judges: Jenny KingSusan Lowman and Karen Manthey. I’m sure it was a challenge to pick just three winners in each category.

It’s the 20th anniversary of the Crochet Guild of America and some of the designers incorporated that theme into their designs which was fun to see.

Visit Doris Chan’s website for all the winners and entries:

Deborah had two more entries in the competition that didn’t place. See if you can spot them in the slide show!


Published in Love of Crochet Magazine Summer 2014

Published in Love of Crochet Magazine, Summer 2014

Pattern 1: Mulberry Stitch Sampler – page 51

Summer 2014 Love of Crochet MagazineThe cover girl is wearing one of two designs I (Dana) have featured in “Love of Crochet” magazine, Summer 2014. I am thrilled!

The scarf is named “Mulberry Stitch Sampler” because it features several techniques like vertical and horizontal cables, star stitch and the shell stitch.

This was crocheted in Milky Whey by Kollage Yarns. This yarn is super soft, making it a dream to wear. It blocks well and has delightful drape.

We love extra long scarves…and as you can see, this one has been draped around the neck of this slender model several times.

Pattern 2: Victorian Lace Card Holder – page 22

Victorian Lace Card HolderI needed a gift for a friend who loves everything Victorian. So I created this Victorian Lace gift card holder for her, which she raved over, then promptly started using for her business cards.

This design was crocheted with two strands of crochet thread held together allowing the use of a D hook instead of a steel hook.

Color is added to the floral button with colored chalk.




New Crochet Patterns in the Store

Several patterns we had published in magazines are now available here on the website. Check out what’s here:

As seen in Love of Crochet magazine, Holiday 1013


This Pampered Pet Gift Set is now available in our Shop as the Dog Days Trio.

The three items are available as a set or for purchase individually.



As seen in Love of Crochet, Fall 2013

Crimson Cowl Love of CrochetThis Broomstick Lace Crimson Cowl is now available for free in our shop!

This is a simple broomstick pattern, perfect for those new to the technique.

Get the free Crimson Cowl pattern.



Vote for Mad Mad Makers 2013 Contest

Vote for your favorite!

Mad Mad Makers is having a contest and giveaway. Vote for your favorite hand made item.

The Owl Set has been entered into the contest…might we suggest you vote for that?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter the drawing…lots of ways to get extra changes of winning.
  2. Scroll down (below the entries) and browse shops.
  3. Click on heart in the top right corner of your favorite item.

VOTE by November 30, 2014.




Beyond Broomstick Lace – A Review

My Review: “Beyond Broomstick Lace”

Online Crochet Class

Riveting…that’s how I’m describing the class, Beyond Broomstick Lace, at Craftsy. I’m a little bias…I’m a crochet addict, after all. So I’m already predisposed to like the class. But it is a combination of many, many factors that lead me to describe this class as riveting.

The instructor, Jennifer Hansen, was entertaining to watch and the subject matter, Broomstick Lace, was spellbinding.

This class has ignited my passion to make something lacey and fun. I want to drop everything else I’m working on and work up some broomstick lace!

Jennifer’s presentation style is relaxed yet her content is comprehensive. As an advanced crocheter, I learned a ton of great tips and tricks in addition to Broomstick Lace. The newer crocheter will be equally comfortable in this class because every stitch, join and component is demonstrated.

I Give “Beyond Broomstick Lace” An A+

Great Instructor:
Jennifer Hansen knocked it out of the park with this class. She was personable, professional, organized, informative and funny. I feel like we could be best buds…only we’ve never met…Drat!

Here are some of my favorite items Jennifer covered:

  • Removing the awkwardness of crocheting around the #50 knitting needle
  • Traditional Broomstick and a lot of beautiful variations
  • A seamless way to decrease on tall stitches
  • Tips for washing (without rinsing) and blocking
  • Tutorial on different hooks and needles
Those are just a few of my favorites. There are really too many to list!

Amazing Projects:

The main project, the Rebel Lace Cardi, is truly inspirational. The garment beautifully displays traditional broomstick lace and a ton of variations to the stitch. I never tired of looking at it. It seemed a special treat to see Jennifer wearing it at the end of the course.

I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the other Broomstick Lace projects as well. It felt like pure eye candy. It’s amazing how diverse broomstick lace can be. I can’t wait to incorporate it into my own designs.

Fantastic Website:

Craftsy is a wonderful platform for learning. The video player is top notch and worked great on my laptop, tablet and smart phone! I watched several segments of the class while traveling and enjoyed taking the class and Jennifer with me on multiple devices. The video quality is very clear and the close up shots of the stitches were beautiful.

I love that we can take notes, ask questions and upload photos, too. Craftsy is easy to navigate around….I loved that the videos remembered where I was and picked up right where I left off. And the class doesn’t expire…so I can rewatch any portion I want. Oh, and I’m looking forward to connecting with my fellow classmates, too.

If you’re looking for a riveting good time, take Beyond Broomstick Lace on Craftsy!

Online Crochet Class

I’m a Craftsy Indie Designer and Affiliate.

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yarnovations girl dollsSo glad you stopped by our website. We are thrilled to see you here. We look forward to sharing our passion for crochet and yarn crafts. We’ll have free stuff and cool stuff that’ll inspire and delight you. Hopefully you’ll agree that crochet is not an art form for just your grandmother!

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