Little Looms 2017 Patterns

Two New Pin Loom Patterns

Two of my pin loom patterns appear in the 2017 Little Looms magazine by Handwoven. You are going to love them.

Pin Color Flow Rug

First, the Color Flow Rug. I call it Color Flow because the colors transition nicely due to the quadrant squares between the solid squares. Because you change colors during the warping and weaving process, part of the square is solid, and part of the square is a mixed color. The twisted cord tassels really finish off the rug nicely.

Pin Geo Waves Scarves

Second, the Geometric Waves Scarves. These striking scarves are actually just solid squares sewn with a dark color on one half and a light color on the other. The lines are all embroidered on. If you use wool, it can be felted. Just be sure to make it extra long as it will shrink in the felting process!

Check out these and more great patterns in the 2017 Little Looms magazine.

What are you weaving?

Pin Loom Woven Gift Bags

Weave your own gift bags!



Christmas is four days away and I decided today that I just had to weave 8 little drawstring gift bags for family members! Shouldn’t be too hard with a toddler and preschooler around. Not to mention that there is paint involved. What could go wrong?

I love these bags because they can be personalized to match the recipient and can be made for any season or reason. The color of yarn and stencil do all the work!

What you need:


4 inch pin loom (I use the Zoom Loom)

Stencil and paint brush

Paint and some form of paint tray

Scissors, yarn needle

How-to Make a Drawstring Gift Bag

Plain weave 8 four inch squares per gift bag. I sewed the squares together so they were 2 x 4, then folded it in half so it was 2 x 2 with the top open. I always sew on the inside and use the double overcast method. It seems to make the nicest looking join on the front (in my humble opinion) and is sturdy for holding things in the bag.

Next I made a twisted cord. (I started with about 16 feet of yarn, twisted it, folded it in half and let it twist on itself.) Then I turned the bag inside out, folded the top of the bag over the cord, and sewed it to the bag making sure not to sew through the cord. I centered the cord in the bag and tied a knot about eight inches from the bag and trimmed off the rest.


I bought several stencils at the store making sure they were small enough to fit on a project 8 inches square. I turned the bag right side out, inserted a piece  of paper in the bag (so the paint wouldn’t soak through to the other side), and painted the desired scene. To give it extra pizzazz, I used a Sharpie marker to add shading.




And voila, I was on my way to making the gift bags I needed. Excuse me now, I need to weave more squares for the rest of the gift bags!


Christmas Pin Loom Project Set

Pin Loom your Christmas decorations and gifts this year!


These festive woven projects have you and your friends’ names written all over them. Who doesn’t love a gnome? Add a little snowman to your indoor collection. Decorate with a beautiful wreath and garden flag. Relax on these lovely pillows. It truly is amazing what you can create with squares with a little shaping and sewing.


Each project is made with 4″ squares done in plain weave. (The pattern does NOT include how to plain weave.) Projects range from 1 to 38 squares, making them quick and easy to make.

The pattern includes:

~11 unique designs

~Step-by-step photos

~Templates for the felt pieces


Pattern also includes instructions on how to turn some of these things into magnets, little gift bags, greeting cards, and more.

Projects shown here are made with Red Heart Soft yarn. Not only is it soft, it also has a nice sheen. This is a great yarn for pin looming.

The pattern and templates for the Christmas Pin Loom Projects are now available in the store. Learn more about the Christmas Pin Loom Pattern Set here.

Halloween Pin Loom Projects

Pork Chop Pig Crochet Pattern

Hunting for Bacon?

Whether you need more bacon in your life or want to go on a boar hunt, this crochet pattern is PETA approved!

pig with collar

This pig can be accessorized with a sweater and a medal. He can be Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web, or a trophy piece for the hunters out there. We even made it in red for the Razorback fans!


I made several of the mounted pig heads for my students after we read Animal Farm. They loved them!


Pig Crochet PatternBe sure to download the free accessories pattern for the fun variations.

Pork Chop crochet pattern.

Pork Chop accessories pack (sweater, medal, Razorback).

Behind the Scenes: Granny Heart Clutch

Would you rather keep your hooks and supplies in a plastic sandwich baggie, or in a crocheted granny heart clutch?

For the longest time I used a zippered plastic bag. It was actually quite convenient. It could be rolled up and put in my crochet bag or sit beside me as I worked. But I had to use the gallon size bag and it seemed slightly bulky.

A Owl Bean Bag Deb Blanket

After making a few heart granny squares for the Granny’s Tree of Love afghan for the Owl Set (pictured above), I decided to try to make a little clutch. I decided to make a bright and colorful one first. Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice has many lovely colors and made a delightful clutch. I lined it so I could keep my hooks and supplies in it.

This clutch appeared in Love of Crochet magazine. The editor suggest monochromatic colors and this grey and black version was created (pictured below in Knit Picks Shine).

Perfect purse for crochet hooks

I put a couple of magnetic clasps on it to keep my items safe inside. It has quickly become one of my favorite projects. It is beautiful and practical.

Learn more about the Heart Centered Granny Square Clutch.

Review: Cafe Press Water Bottle

Review: Cafe Press Water Bottle

When Deborah and I opened our Cafe Press shop, we selected items that we would want to use. I was excited to see that a 1 liter metal water bottle was an option for plastering fun crochet and knitting sayings on, cause I drink a lot of water. I love it!

Cafe Press Water Bottle

I bring this bottle to my office while I work on crochet patterns. Here’s my review of my new Cafe Press Water Bottle:


  • Holds 1 liter
  • Has gasket to prevent leaks
  • Has a hole in lid should I want to tie a string through the lid and around the neck of the bottle
  • Has easy grip bumps on the lid for easy opening
  • Wide mouth for putting ice cubes in
  • Stainless steel, no toxins like BPA


  • Hand wash only
  • Bottle takes on the temperature of the liquid inside
  • Can’t tip head back too fast when drinking directly from it because water pours out quickly

My husband and I joke about how I drink. When most people ask for a sip, they are asking for a taste of something. I use the word a bit more loosely. I could want a taste, but more likely I want a good healthy drink…one that makes you say “ahhh” at the end.

With this water bottle, I need to tip it back a bit slower than I’m use to. But I think it’s worth it. I love the convenience of it. It’s the perfect amount of water for short hikes in the park, for taking with me to crochet group or just keeping near me while I work.

Of course, the best part is that it showcases my love of crochet!

Happy National Crochet Month 2015

Happy National Crochet Month 2015!

Victorian Lace Gift Card HolderMarch is one of our favorite months of the year…because we are crochet addicts! To celebrate National Crochet Month we are sharing this crochet pattern for a Victorian Lace Gift Card Holder. This is an elegant way to dress up gift cards for your favorite crocheters or those who love all things Victorian.

This pattern first appeared in Love of Crochet magazine Summer 2014 issue. We have the rights back and are happy to share the pattern with you for free to celebrate National Crochet Month this year.

Free Pattern for National Crochet Month 2015

I used some cotton thread I picked up at a garage sale. This project would also be lovely in Aunt Lydia’s, Knit Picks Curio or Bernat Handicrafter threads. You’ll note that I use a D hook and crocheted with 2 strands held at once. This makes the project whip up faster and allowed me to use a larger hook.


  • Bucilla Super Mercerized Wondersheen 100% Cotton: 400 yards/75 g – Color 9
  • US size – D/3/3.25 (mm) crochet hook, or size required for gauge
  • Needle for sewing
  • colored chalk

Gauge: 2 strands held at once – 5 rows and 10 dc = 2″

Victorian Crochet Gift Card Holder


2 strands held together (double stranded)

Ch 21

Row 1: Dc in 4th ch from hook (count as 1st 2 sts), dc. *ch 1, skip a ch, 3 dc* across. (19)

Row 2-6: Ch 3 (count as 1st st), turn. 2 dc. *ch 1, skip ch, 3 dc* across. (19)

Row 7: Ch 3 (count as 1st st), turn. Working in the front loop only this Row: 2 dc. *ch 1, skip ch, 3 dc* across. (19)

Row 8-12: Repeat Row 2

Gift-Card-Holder-ProfileFinish off and weave in ends.

Fold gift card holder in half.

Attach thread (double stranded) to bottom right corner.

Rnd 13: Working across the ends of Rows 1-12, join sides together with sl st: work 2 sl st in each Row (12). Turn to back panel, 7 sl st, ch 17, skip 3 sts, sl st across. (27). Turn to Sides of Rows 1-12. Work 2 sl at the end of each Row. (12)

Finish off and weave in ends.


2 strands held together

Ch 2, leaving a long tail for sewing.

Rnd 1: 5 sc in 2nd ch from hook. Join with a sl st. (5)

Rnd 2: Working in the front loop only this Rnd: *In next st work: sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc* around. Join with a sl st to the unused loop behind the pedals just worked. (25)

Rnd 3: Work in the unused loop behind Rnd 2. *Ch 3, sl st* around. (20)

Rnd 4: *In the ch-3 sp work: sc, hdc, 3 dc, hdc, sc* around. Join with a sl st. (35)

Finish off leaving and weave in ends.


  • Chalk Rose as desired.
  • Sew Rose to Row 3 & 4 below the loop made in Rnd 13. Sew just the center of the Rose to the Gift Card Holder so that it acts as a button.

Behind the Scenes: Designing a Houndstooth Pattern

Behind the Scenes: Designing a Houndstooth Crochet Pattern

How is it my husband knew what houndstooth was and I did not? A friend of mine said she was going to try to come up with a crocheted houndstooth pattern.  I had seen this pattern many times before but never knew what it was called. Trying to come up with a pattern intrigued me and I, too, made several attempts at getting an approximate pattern.

Lion Brand Fun Fur

Lion Brand Fun Fur

First I had to decide if I wanted a small houndstooth pattern or a large one. There are several lovely small patterns available online often using an alternating pattern of single crochet and double crochet. I wanted to come up with a larger pattern, one that really incorporated the diagonal lines of the houndstooth. However, the diagonal spike stitch patterns I came up with seemed jumbled and messy. I finally decided to use a spike stitch that went straight down. The effect was quite lovely.

Trendsetter La Furla

Trendsetter La Furla

I first proposed the houndstooth trio to a crochet magazine with Lion Brand’s Fun Fur. Paired with Vanna’s Choice yarn it made a lovely set. The magazine’s editor suggested I redo the set in Trendsetter’s Merino wool and La Furla. These are quite luxurious yarns. They are both incredibly soft and warm. The La Furla is thicker and softer than Fun Fur. They are stylish and functional for even the coldest of weather. Lion Brand has since come out with an equally soft and thicker fur like called Romance. Both yarn brands make for a beautiful houndstooth set.

So, just how did my husband know what houndstooth was? From football, of course. College football coach Paul Bryant was often seen at games wearing a houndstooth hat!

Learn more about the Houndstooth Trio in the shop.

Crochet Gifts on Cafe Press

Crochet Gifts (and Knitting ones, too) on Cafe Press

Crochet-is-Wicked-Fun-tshirtWe are crochet addicts. One sure way to tell is that we love to give and receive crochet related gifts. There aren’t a lot of tools needed beyond a hook (or needle) and yarn. But fun items with crochet sayings on them are equally appreciated.

For Christmas 2014, I (Dana) was on the hunt for a crochet related gift item for my twin sister. When I couldn’t find one, I asked my good friend Lorien if she could draw something for me. I love what she came up with. Check out her Crochet Crush!

The gift was quite inspirational. So much so, that at the beginning of the year Deborah pulled out some markers and began a little doodling of her own. We’ve plastered these drawings on lots of different gift items and you can order one or as many as you like on Cafe


There are a handful of designs on our Cafe Press page. More will be added soon, so be sure to check back!

Sock Monkey Toys and Gifts Crochet Pattern

Sock Monkey Toys and Gifts Crochet Pattern

Sock Monkey Toys and Gifts

Hey all you Sock Monkey lovers out there….we’ve done it again. We’ve created some toys and cozies that you are gonna love and brought them all together in one set.

Mini Sock Monkey

This mini sock monkey is the perfect size for carrying around with you wherever you go. He can be made into a key chain, a backpack buddy or even an office accessory.

Sock Monkey Christmas Ornament

The sock monkey ornament takes on the shape of a traditional Christmas ball, but with the face of sock monkey! He loves hanging on the tree!

Sock Monkey Applique

The sock monkey applique is the perfect size for sewing to bags, scarves, hats and more. We’ve sewn it to a cozy…making it a fun gift idea!

Trio of CoziesSock Monkey Cozies

We love cozies. This pattern includes two unique designs in three sizes each. There are directions for mason jars, mugs and tapered cups/glasses! That’s six cozy patterns!

There are two delicious recipes, too! You can make monkey bread in the morning and banana pudding for dessert in the evening!

Sock Monkey Toys and Gifts – Available in the Store

The Sock Monkey Toy and Gift Set is available in the store.

Available in the Store

That’s 9 crochet patterns and 2 recipes! See the store for more details.