Coral Blooms: In Love of Crochet Spring 2014

Coral Blooms Scarf – Published in “Love of Crochet” Magazine: Spring 2014

LOC_SP14_Cover_FINAL_200pxCoral Blooms is the latest crocheted piece we have in a publication. You can find the pattern in the Spring 2014 issue of Love of Crochet Magazine.


The Coral Blooms scarf is constructed of repeated sections of blooms and lattice. This is a quick and easy project that is made primarily with interconnected chain work.

This  scarf uses yarn from Pictured is Gloss Fingering yarn in Guava. It’s 70% Merino Wool and 30% Silk. It has wonderful drape and blocks really well.

Check news stands for the Spring issue of Love of Crochet to get your copy of this beautiful pattern.


Sock Monkey Hat, Mittens and Scarves

Sock Monkey Hat, Mittens and Scarves – Crochet Pattern

Love Sock Monkey? This crochet pattern has Sock Monkey Hats (Beanies), Mittens and Scarves to fit everyone in the family from newborn to adult men!

sock monkey hat, mittens and scarf

Skill Level: Easy

The colors of this set are gender neutral and look adorable on boys and girls. The sock monkey applique gives this set a touch of whimsy.

sock monkey hat and beaniesSock Monkey Hat / Beanie

There are 6 sizes of hats in this crochet pattern fitting newborn to adult men.

Crocheted in the round, top down, this beanie has a ribbed brim crocheted in short rows directly to the work. Add a pom pom (pictured above) for even more charm.

Worked primarily in half double crochet, this hat whips up quickly.

sock monkey mittensSock Monkey Mittens

There are 5 sizes of mittens fitting baby to adult men.

Crocheted in the round, top down, these mittens also have ribbed cuffs crocheted in short rows directly to the work.

Worked in single crochet, this is the perfect accessory for early winter or cool spring weather.

sock monkey scarvesSock Monkey Scarves

There are 3 scarf patterns fitting children to adult.

Constructed in rows, each scarf is a series of stripes. Each is unique with different width striping but equally fun with the addition of the sock monkey applique.

Worked in primarily single crochet, these will keep you and your family warm all winter long.

Sock Monkey Crochet Pattern

Teen wearing sock monkey setThis Sock Monkey Winter Accessories crochet pattern is available in the store.

Available in the Store

Boys and girls of all ages will love this set. There’s just something about sock monkey that makes people smile.

These are so much fun, you’ll probably catch the kids wearing them inside the house! If you do, just throw coats on them and send them out to play.


The Pasta Challenge

The Pasta Challenge

A small group of us meet regularly to chat, sip coffee and crochet or knit. At one of our meetings we got a crazy idea to have a Pasta Challenge. We wanted to see who could come up with the best  hand crafted project that incorporated pasta!

The rules for the challenge weren’t well defined…so the projects varied greatly. No winner was selected this go around…but there will be more quirky and crazy challenges ahead.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get a collective photo of them all…so here is the reveal, one item at a time:

Glitzy Necklace, by Alice

pasta and yarn necklace

This glittery piece includes spray painted noodles! That little detail may not show up well in the photo…but it did have sparkle in person. Some noodles are painted gold and some with glitter making this one glitzy necklace.

Colorful Jar Cozy, by Deborah

Pasta Cozy

This mason jar cozy illustrates two ways to attach “beads” to a crochet project. The little pasta is attached using a beaded crochet technique. The elbow noodles are attached with thread and needle. A vivid example of how to attach beads.

Adorned Purse, by Lorien

adorned purse

Pasta adorns this cloth purse with large painted elements and in the little details, too. It’s difficult to see in these photos, but there are small star shaped pastas lining the opening of the purse and in the center of the flowers.

Beaded Broomstick and Shell Bag, by Dana

broomstick and shell beaded crochet

This bag illustrates beaded crochet with three different crochet stitches including: broomstick lace, shell stitch and single crochet. This bag was created with two handle pieces, two broomstick lace panels and joined with a round base.

The challenge was unusual, but a lot of fun. Stay tuned for the next wacky challenge coming soon!

Summer Scarf – Single Stranded Broomstick Cowl

Summer Scarf – Single Stranded Broomstick Cowl

Summer Scarf

As the temperatures start to rise, a summer scarf project is just the thing. We’ve whipped up our Broomstick Lace and Puff Stitch Cowl in a soft and luxurious Milky Whey yarn.  Oh la la, it’s heavenly!

Not only does the Milky Whey yarn have beautiful drape, it’s extremely soft and comfortable to work with and feels silky and smooth around the neck. It’s my number one go-to scarf these days!

The light and airy single stranded broomstick lace pattern makes this a nice summer scarf. The cowl pictured is extra long…allowing it to wrap around the neck once or twice. For a cooler version (for those really hot summer days) I would recommend crocheting a shorter or thinner piece.

Summer Scarf – The Pattern

milky whey broomstick closeThis summer scarf was made following the Broomstick Lace Scarf Pattern. It’s amazing how different a piece will look when you simply change the yarn!

The Milky Whey pictured has really nice drape. And if you can get your hands on some, I would highly recommend it. You won’t be disappointed, promise! Nice alternatives would be bamboo or silk (or a cotton blend). I think the stitch pattern really stands out with a yarn that has little elasticity.

The repeat in this pattern is easy to memorize. This is a great project to toss in a bag and take with you as you run errands. It uses only a few stitches – chain, single crochet, puff stitch and broomstick lace.

We have created a couple of quick videos that demonstrate the stitches used in this piece. You can see them on YouTube:


Baby Pilot Hat, Scarf and Goggles

Baby Pilot

A new baby pilot…so sweet and adorable. Little ones like this fly straight into your heart with this hat, scarf and goggle set.

baby pilot hat goggles scarf

Cami Hickman-Adams crocheted this fun baby pilot set for photographer Megan Nagase. Cami modified the Bomber Hat Set a bit but kept the overall look and feel of the piece. Nice work Cami!

Baby Pilot Set Available For Purchase

Crocheted Set
Cami crochetes finished pieces at Cami’s Creative Commodities. Contact her on Facebook for your own baby pilot hat and google set!

Crochet Pattern Only
Buy the Aviator Set pattern in our store and crochet the set yourself. This sent includes 6 hat sizes, 3 adjustable goggles and 3 scarves. The whole family can take to the skies in this set.

Here are more fun photos of this adorable baby pilot.

Nagase Photography

Photography Information
A special thank you to Megan Nagase for sharing these lovely photo. Megan is located in Frisco, Texas and works in the Dalls/Fort Worth area. She specializes in children and boudoir photography. You can learn more about her work at Nagase Photography.


Broomstick Lace Scarf and Cowl Pattern

Broomstick Lace Scarf and Cowl Pattern

Have you tried Broomstick Lace? It is a lot of fun. We’ve incorporated it into this scarf and cowl pattern. Not only does this broomstick lace use two different sizes of knitting needles, it has a repeated motif that includes single crochet and puff stitch.

broomstick lace scarf

This is an adorable scarf and attractive cowl. The design is so fun, you’ll want to make both the cowl and the scarf for yourself!

Don’t be fooled…this is 100% crochet! It only looks like a knitted project!

Broomstick Lace and Puff Stitch Videos

red scarf folded in half

We’ve created a couple of videos to show you how easy those stitches are to crochet. So, if you don’t know how to crochet broomstick lace or the puff stitch…or if it’s been a while since you have…No problem.

The Broomstick Lace video shows traditional broomstick lace and single stranded broomstick lace like this pattern uses.

A link to the videos is in the pattern.

Broomstick Lace Scarf and Cowl Pattern Details

The scarf in the above photos is crocheted in Vanna’s Sequins. It’s a light weight yarn (3). The scarf is shown in Ruby.

The cowl is crocheted in Sensations Enchantment. It’s listed as a Medium weight (4) yarn but it feels similar in weight to the Vanna’s Sequins. The cowl shown below is crocheted in Pink Metallic.

pink broomstick cowl

The pattern includes lots of photos. It has all of our signature stuff like checkboxes to mark your progress, supplies list, instructions for special stitches, etc. And now, the special stitches have videos.

pink broomstickSkill Level: Intermediate

Stitches used: Broomstick Lace, Puff Stitch, Single Crochet, Chain

Once you learn the stitches, this scarf is super easy and fun to crochet.

The pattern is available in the store.

****New photo 4-14-2013

We’ve whipped up this pattern using Milky Whey yarn. It’s sooo dreamy. You can read more about our thoughts on our post: Summer Scarf!

milky whey broomstick close Milky Whey is a yarn from Kollage yarns. It’s 50% Milk and 50% Soy.

Milky Whey is soft and dreamy. I love working with it and wearing it!

Alternatives would be bamboo or silk or some blend of yarn that has little elasticity.


Winter Hat and Scarf Gift Set

Winter Hat and Scarf Gift Set – A Happy Trio

Winter Hat and Scarf Gift SetOhhh so soft. This Winter Hat and Scarf Gift Set is cute and cuddly. Whether you make just one piece or all three, you’ll love the way it feels and so will the recipient! The colors of the Sensations Rainbow Boucle yarn were calling our names begging to be turned into a winter scene. Here is the happy result.

Scarves and Hats whip up pretty quickly so they make great last minute gifts. If you have a little extra time, the gift bag is adorable – don’t pass that up. We crocheted with two strands at once (held double) and used a hdc so that it would work up a bit quicker than a single crochet project.

Skill Level: The pattern is easy, but the Boucle yarn is a bit tricky to work with. If you use Boucle, please note that you probably won’t be able to see your stitches. You’ll have to crochet more by feel than anything. But it should be pretty easy to do since these projects are worked in a rectangle (back and forth – not in the round).

Winter Hat and Scarf Gift Set – The Pattern Details

The set is an adorable gift because the hat and scarf match and fit nicely inside the gift bag. Mix and match for your specific needs. We love that the winter scene isn’t too “Christmasy” and can be worn all winter long.

The pattern includes lots of photos, written directions, a couple of charts, gauge info, materials list, check boxes to mark your progress and more. Since the stitches of Boucle are difficult to see, we’ve also taken photos of the tree appliques with traditional yarn.

film strip of winter set

The Winter Hat Pattern

This is crocheted as a rectangle. The finished project measures 9 1/5 inches tall not including the pom pom. It’s 10 1/2 inches when folded flat. It’s one size fits all. It fits young boys, teen girls and adult women.

The hat pattern includes a chart as well as written instructions. It can be easily modified for larger or smaller sizes. There are photos and instructions on how to make the pom pom. And of course photos and directions for the tree.

Wearing the Winter Hat and Scarf Gift SetThe Winter Scarf Pattern

This is crocheted with short rows. The scarf measures 5 inches by 56 inches. There are detailed instructions and photos for the scarf, tree and star.

This piece is a lot of fun to make and wear. It’s so soft looking, don’t be surprised if people stop you and ask to feel it!

The Winter Gift Bag Pattern

This is crocheted as a rectangle (the bottom sewn on as a separate piece). There is a chart as well as detailed instructions on how to crochet the bag. There are detailed instructions on making the cute icicle edging, handles and tree appliques.

This gift bag will look absolutely adorable under the Christmas tree. Or maybe you’ll use it as an adorable tote?

 Winter Hat and Scarf Gift Set – In the Store

The pattern is now available in the store. Order now and download the pattern right from the link on your receipt. See more photos on the Winter Hat and Scarf Gift Set page in the store.

Bomber Hat Set

Bomber Hat Set – High Flying Fun

bomber hatThe Bomber Hat Set is just the ticket for high flying family adventure. Your imaginations will soar with these warm and cozy bomber hats, adjustable goggles and long flowing scarves. You can take to the skies with Amelia Earhart and the Wright Brothers simulating flights in open-air cockpits.

The bomber hat and goggles were standard issue even after cockpits became enclosed (through World War II). So don’t let your adventures stall out…put on your flying gear and take a trip around the world!

Bomber Hat Set – Fun for the Whole Family

We have a bomber hat set for everyone in the family! We’ve got everyone’s head covered: from newborns to adults and from boys and girls to moms and dads!

The hat patterns comes in 6 sizes – newborn to adult men. The hat is modeled after the leather flying caps that had wool interiors and long ear flaps with pockets for radios.

The flying goggles come in 3 sizes – baby, child and adult. All of the goggles have adjustable straps. The pattern includes instructions on crocheting your own buckles or incorporating store bought ones.

The scarves come in 3 sizes -baby, child and adult. Each scarf is a different pattern. Mix up the colors to add even more variety.

hats goggles and scarves

Bomber Hat Set – Available in the Store

Let’s get these bomber hats off the printed page and on your families heads! Your crocheting fingers will fly through these patterns. The Aviator Set is available now in the store.