Heart Centered Granny Square Clutch

Heart Centered Granny Square Clutch

Heart Granny Square Clutch

Crochet a heart centered granny square clutch for your crochet hooks and accessories!

Crochet More 2014 CoverThis adorable little bag first appeared in Love of Crochet summer issue Crochet More 2014. We have the rights back to this pattern and have added this design to our shop.

For the magazine, Deborah crocheted the Heart Centered Granny Square Clutch in Knit Picks Shine yarn in greys and black. The prototype was crocheted in bright colors using Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice yarn (see photos in the shop). The is a quick and easy weekend project and would be a great stash buster.

Perfect purse for crochet hooks

Deborah uses this to store all her crochet tools. She added magnetic snaps to keep the front flap securely in place. It’s keeps her crochet hooks and tools securely inside and the little hands of her toddler out. The clutch is also small and portable for when Deborah wants to work on her crochet projects on the go.

Heart Centered Granny Square Clutch – Available in the Store

The crochet pattern includes lots of photos, written instructions, checkboxes to mark your progress and more.

Available in the Store

Learn more about the Heart Centered Granny Square Clutch and see color photos in the shop.

Hiking Buddy Crochet Pattern

Hiking Buddy (a.k.a. Perfect Purse) Crochet Pattern

Hiking Buddy Mini Purse Crochet Pattern

Remember the Perfect Purse from the Winter 2012 Love of Crochet magazine? If you missed that issue, then we have good news for you. You can get the pattern here!

We designed this mini purse as a hiking buddy…one that’s just large enough to stow your smart phone, ID and car keys. Your personal items will stay nice and secure with this beautiful flower button closure.

Crochet it with a strap and it’s a purse. Attach the belt loop and you can wear it at your hip. Oh, and there’s a chapstick holder, too!

Pattern Includes:

  • Purse
  • Flower Button
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Belt Loop
  • Chapstick Holder

Available in the Store

Learn more about the Hiking Buddy. It’s available now in the store.


Lil Pumpkin Halloween Outfit Crochet Pattern

Lil’ Pumpkin Halloween Outfit Crochet Pattern – Pumpkin Hats, Pants and Trick or Treat Bag

Dress up your Lil’ Pumpkin this fall in this adorable pumpkin set. It’s perfect for cool fall weather and special occasions like Thanksgiving, Harvest Parties, Halloween and trips to the pumpkin patch!


We’ve got the whole family covered with pants for babies and hats for everyone in the family. The bag is one size fits all…perfect for trick or treating.

Pumpkin Pattern Includes:

  • Pumpkin Hats: 6 sizes (newborn to men)
  • Pumpkin Pants: 3 sizes (up to 24 mos)
  • Pumpkin Bag: One size fits all – trick or treat size

pumpkin outfit

Skill Level: Intermediate

Stitches Used: Chain, Slip Stitch, Single Crochet, Half Double Crochet, Double Crochet, Treble Crochet, No Chain Foundation Single Crochet, No Chain Foundation Double Crochet

Lil-Pumpkin-wth-VineTechniques Used: Crochet in Rows, Crochet in the Round, Crochet in Back Loop, Increase, Decrease

Crochet this design for a fun photo prop or as a cute outfit for taking the Lil’ Pumpkin to a party.

The pattern is available in the store! Learn more about the Lil Pumpkin crochet pattern.

The Pasta Challenge

The Pasta Challenge

A small group of us meet regularly to chat, sip coffee and crochet or knit. At one of our meetings we got a crazy idea to have a Pasta Challenge. We wanted to see who could come up with the best  hand crafted project that incorporated pasta!

The rules for the challenge weren’t well defined…so the projects varied greatly. No winner was selected this go around…but there will be more quirky and crazy challenges ahead.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get a collective photo of them all…so here is the reveal, one item at a time:

Glitzy Necklace, by Alice

pasta and yarn necklace

This glittery piece includes spray painted noodles! That little detail may not show up well in the photo…but it did have sparkle in person. Some noodles are painted gold and some with glitter making this one glitzy necklace.

Colorful Jar Cozy, by Deborah

Pasta Cozy

This mason jar cozy illustrates two ways to attach “beads” to a crochet project. The little pasta is attached using a beaded crochet technique. The elbow noodles are attached with thread and needle. A vivid example of how to attach beads.

Adorned Purse, by Lorien

adorned purse

Pasta adorns this cloth purse with large painted elements and in the little details, too. It’s difficult to see in these photos, but there are small star shaped pastas lining the opening of the purse and in the center of the flowers.

Beaded Broomstick and Shell Bag, by Dana

broomstick and shell beaded crochet

This bag illustrates beaded crochet with three different crochet stitches including: broomstick lace, shell stitch and single crochet. This bag was created with two handle pieces, two broomstick lace panels and joined with a round base.

The challenge was unusual, but a lot of fun. Stay tuned for the next wacky challenge coming soon!

Cell Phone External Battery Pack Bag

Cell Phone External Battery Pack Bag

battery pack bag

Recording video on your phone? You’ll need a cell phone external battery pack because video will drain your power fast. We’ve created a great little bag to stow your battery that can clip to your belt loop, backpack or a tripod.

We’ve dressed up the bag with a “Hangout” appliqué that doubles as a business card holder. “Hangout’s” are a free video conferencing feature of Google Plus. As of today you can video conference with up to 10 people at once. Pretty sweet!

Cell Phone External Battery Pack Bag  – Crochet Pattern

bag on tripodI designed this external battery pack bag for my husband to take on business trips where he might do a lot of recording on his cell phone. I didn’t have black yarn…so used blue for the bag. Probably not the best choice since many people associate blue with Facebook!

Skill Level: Easy

Stitches Used: Chain, Slip Stitch, Single Crochet, Half Double Crochet, Double Crochet, Treble Crochet

Techniques Used: Crochet in Rows and in the Round. Increase and Decrease

Size: 3 ½” wide x 1” deep x 4” tall

Get the Pattern

The external battery pack bag pattern is available on the Free Crochet Patterns page or in the Store.

FREE Patterns

FREE Sachet Bag Crochet Pattern

sachet bagsFREE Sachet Bag Crochet  Pattern – Such Adorable Bags

Make your own Sachet Bags with this FREE Crochet Pattern and see what all the fuss is about. Why the new craze for sachet bags? Are they really all that special? Many people use them as soap savers. Do they really save on soap? Seeing is believing. Download the free pattern and see for yourself.

sachet iPod cozySoap isn’t the only thing these draw string bags are good for. They make great gift card holders! You can also use these as pouches for storing electrical devices such as an iPod and cell phones. These mini bags are most notably recognized as potpourri sachets and scented sachets or as wedding favors and bridal shower favors. These make great gift wrapping for smaller gifts like chocolates and jewelry. You’ll be so delighted with your sachet, you’ll come up with a lot of little uses for it.

FREE Sachet Bag Crochet Pattern – The Details

crown edgingYour sachet bags will vary in size depending on the size hook you use. We used hook E with Red Heart Eco-Cotton yarn and our bags measure 2 3/4 inches x 6 inches.

Skill level: Easy

This bag is crocheted using the filet stitch (dc, ch 1 skip a st). It’s topped with a beautiful crown edge and tightens with a cord draw string. It’s simple yet elegant.

The pattern includes detailed written instructions (for the bag, crown edge and drawstring). It has lots of photos, materials list, gauge info, check box to mark your progress and more.


FREE Crochet Patterns

Free Patterns Page: Download the pattern from the FREE Crochet Patterns page.
Store: Add the Filet Sachet with Crown Edge Pattern Free to your cart in the Store.

FREE Sachet Bag Crochet Pattern – There’s More!

Caution: Sachet bags are addicting to make. We made one sachet and couldn’t stop. In our case, one bag led to seven! Here is a small sampling of them.

Crochet Soap Saver Collection

Blog: See all seven of the bags on our Crochet Soap Saver Collection blog post
Store: Also available in the store at Crochet Sachet Soap Saver Collection.

This set has a nice blend of both feminine and masculine designs. Check out the bonus Mary Jane style Wash Mitt. It’s perfect for liquid soap users!


Winter Hat and Scarf Gift Set

Winter Hat and Scarf Gift Set – A Happy Trio

Winter Hat and Scarf Gift SetOhhh so soft. This Winter Hat and Scarf Gift Set is cute and cuddly. Whether you make just one piece or all three, you’ll love the way it feels and so will the recipient! The colors of the Sensations Rainbow Boucle yarn were calling our names begging to be turned into a winter scene. Here is the happy result.

Scarves and Hats whip up pretty quickly so they make great last minute gifts. If you have a little extra time, the gift bag is adorable – don’t pass that up. We crocheted with two strands at once (held double) and used a hdc so that it would work up a bit quicker than a single crochet project.

Skill Level: The pattern is easy, but the Boucle yarn is a bit tricky to work with. If you use Boucle, please note that you probably won’t be able to see your stitches. You’ll have to crochet more by feel than anything. But it should be pretty easy to do since these projects are worked in a rectangle (back and forth – not in the round).

Winter Hat and Scarf Gift Set – The Pattern Details

The set is an adorable gift because the hat and scarf match and fit nicely inside the gift bag. Mix and match for your specific needs. We love that the winter scene isn’t too “Christmasy” and can be worn all winter long.

The pattern includes lots of photos, written directions, a couple of charts, gauge info, materials list, check boxes to mark your progress and more. Since the stitches of Boucle are difficult to see, we’ve also taken photos of the tree appliques with traditional yarn.

film strip of winter set

The Winter Hat Pattern

This is crocheted as a rectangle. The finished project measures 9 1/5 inches tall not including the pom pom. It’s 10 1/2 inches when folded flat. It’s one size fits all. It fits young boys, teen girls and adult women.

The hat pattern includes a chart as well as written instructions. It can be easily modified for larger or smaller sizes. There are photos and instructions on how to make the pom pom. And of course photos and directions for the tree.

Wearing the Winter Hat and Scarf Gift SetThe Winter Scarf Pattern

This is crocheted with short rows. The scarf measures 5 inches by 56 inches. There are detailed instructions and photos for the scarf, tree and star.

This piece is a lot of fun to make and wear. It’s so soft looking, don’t be surprised if people stop you and ask to feel it!

The Winter Gift Bag Pattern

This is crocheted as a rectangle (the bottom sewn on as a separate piece). There is a chart as well as detailed instructions on how to crochet the bag. There are detailed instructions on making the cute icicle edging, handles and tree appliques.

This gift bag will look absolutely adorable under the Christmas tree. Or maybe you’ll use it as an adorable tote?

 Winter Hat and Scarf Gift Set – In the Store

The pattern is now available in the store. Order now and download the pattern right from the link on your receipt. See more photos on the Winter Hat and Scarf Gift Set page in the store.

Crochet Soap Saver Collection

Crochet Soap Saver Collection – Fun and Diverse

Soap Saver CollectionCaution: this crochet soap saver collection is a lot of fun to make. Once you make one, you’ll be hooked and find that you can’t stop until you’ve crocheted them all! And each one takes only an hour or two to whip up! These are great last minute gifts. (Oh, and check out the bonus wash mitt below…)

Traditionally, soap savers are used a couple of different ways.

  1. Instead of throwing out your old leftover mini bars of soap, toss them into a soap saver and get every last ounce of clean out of them! The soap saver acts as a wash cloth with a bar of soap wrapped inside.
  2. Save on soap by putting a new bar in the soap saver. You’ll use less soap this way. When your bar runs low, just stick in another one!

The pattern includes photos of the soap savers used as a cell phone pouch and iPod cozy. But these are also great for bridal shower gift bags, Wedding Favor Sachets, Mini Draw String Gift Bags, Potpourri bags or Scented Satchets and more.

Crochet Soap Saver Collection – The Details

film strip of soap saversWhy is this crochet soap saver collection so much fun? It could be because each pattern uses a different stitch (shell, moss, filet and more). Or maybe it’s the other little details such as unique edging (heart, crown, button top and more) or the diverse types of draw strings (flower, heart, leaf and more).The collection includes both masculine and feminine designs.

  • Filet with Crown Edge Soap Saver measures 2 3/4″ x 6″. The filet is simple to crochet and the crown edging is quite elegant.
  • Heartfelt Filet Soap Saver measures 3 1/4″ x 5 1/2″. This pattern is full of love with a filet heart bag, heart edging and heart draw string.
  • Pretty Shells Soap Saver measures 3″ x 6″. The stitch is gorgeous and is topped with a crown edge and decorative draw string.
  • Leaf and Vine Soap Saver measures 4 1/4″ x 3 3/4″. It’s understated simplicity make the leaf enhanced drawstring quite striking.
  • Moss Stitch with Flower Soap Saver measures 3 1/4″ x 6″. The beautiful stitch is enhanced with a simple frill top and draw string with a pretty flower.
  • Button Top Soap Saver measures 3″ x 4 3/4″. It’s bold and simple with a button top closure and durable handle for attaching the soap saver onto your hand.
  • Reversible Ridges Soap Saver measures 3″ x 4 3/4″. Deep ridges are great for a deep clean. Or turn it inside out for a smooth surface for a simple scrub.
  • BONUS: Mary Jane Wash Mitt measures 4 1/2″ x 8″. Slip your hand under the strap and put your fingers and thumb into the pockets and you’re got a liquid soap – soap saver!

Many of these soap savers are crocheted with Red Heart Eco-Cotton blend yarn. One skein will make three or more soap savers. Some sachets were crocheted with Hemp Cord or Twine as seen in the photos.

The pattern calls for crochet in the round. The pattern includes materials list, abbreviations, special stitch instructions, photos, gauge info, check boxes to help mark your progress  and more.

Crochet Soap Saver Collection – In the Store

These crochet sachet soap savers are available now in the store. When you purchase through our website, you’ll immediately receive a receipt which includes a link to download the PDF pattern.

Order today and start crocheting right away! Bath time will be a whole lot of fun.

Holiday Gift Bags

Holiday Gift Bags – Perfect for Religious and Non-Religious Celebrations

holiday gift bagsNo doubt you’ll need a few holiday gift bags this holiday season. Add a personal touch and a bit of whimsy with some hand crocheted bags! These are perfect for gift giving, to decorate for the holidays or for use as totes and purses.

These bags are great for both religious and secular holiday celebrations. The turkey bag will help you gobble up some fun this Thanksgiving. The Bethlehem and reindeer bag will help you ring in a little Christmas cheer.

Holiday Gift Bags – Ornaments

turkey and reindeer ornamentAs a bonus, this holiday gift bags pattern includes instructions on making the turkey and reindeer appliques or as Christmas ornaments! The ornaments will look cute hanging on a Christmas tree or as decorations on gifts.

The turkey measures measures 6.5″ (width and height). The Reindeer measures 4.5″ (width and height) when crocheted with an H hook and medium worsted weight yarn (4). We used Red Heart Super Saver.

Holiday Gift Bags – The Details

all holiday gift bags and ornamentsThese holiday gift bags are easy to crochet and fun to make. The body of the bag is made with a half double crochet which makes it whip up quickly. The edging is beautiful with a reverse double crochet. Of course, the turkey and reindeer applique make the gift bags simply adorable.

The gift bags measure 6.5″ x 4″ x 9″ (not including the handles). The pattern includes:

  • Turkey bag instructions
  • Bethlehem bag instructions
  • Reindeer bag instructions
  • Applique and Ornament instructions
  • Bonus Bag: The Bethlehem bag using bulky yarn (5)
  • Photos, detailed instructions, gauge info, materials list and more…

Spread a little holiday cheer with homemade holiday gift bags now. They are now available in the store.

Christmas Gift Bags

Christmas Gift Bags – Fun Gift Wrap and more!

Christmas Gift BagsThese fun and whimsical Christmas gift bags are cute, practical and economical! Decorative gift bags at the store run between $2 and $4 each. At that price, it’s cheaper to make your own! These Christmas bags can be used time and time again – no need to worry about wrinkles like you do when reusing cheap paper gift bags.

This Christmas Gift Bag Pattern includes 4 sizes each with a unique snowflake making them the perfect gift wrapping for any winter occassion! Use them not only for gift wrapping, but for decorating at parties, at the office and at home! Stuff the small bag with candy canes and you’re ready for the holidays! The medium and large bags make fun seasonal totes or purses. The wine bag is great for gifting a little bubbly, but they’re also the perfect size for Secret Santa gifts!

Christmas Gift Bags – Snowflake Ornaments

snowflake ornaments

The snowflakes in the Christmas Gift Bags pattern are fun appliques that can be sewn to any project. And this pattern includes directions for making ornaments out of them! Crocheted snowflakes instantly make life more festive. They can be hung on Christmas trees or in windows. And they make great accents to wrapped gifts.

Christmas Gift Bags – The Details

Here’s what’s included in the Christmas Gift Bag pattern:

  • Small Gift Bag – 3 3/4 x 3 x 5 inches
  • Medium Gift Bag – 6 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 9 inches
  • Large Gift Bag – 10 x 5 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches
  • Wine Bag – 3 3/4 x 3 x 10 inches
  • 4 snowflake patterns (depending on hook size, they measure 3 inches to 9 inches).
  • Directions for stiffening snowflakes
  • Lots of photos, gauge info, materials list, detailed instructions and more…

Bags and Ornaments

This pattern calls for use of medium worsted weight yarn (4) for both the bags and ornaments. Crocheted with a C hook, the ornaments range in size from 3 1/4 inches to 6 1/4 inches. With an H hook, the ornaments range in size from 4 inches to 9 inches.

Christmas Gift Bags – Available in the Store

The pattern for the Christmas Gift Bags and Snowflakes is now available in the store. Order today and you can start making some Christmas cheer right away.