Behind the Scenes: Victorian Lace Gift Card Holder

Behind the Scenes: Victorian Lace Gift Card Holder

Victorian Lace Gift Card HolderWhat was my inspiration? Two things: 1) I needed a gift card holder for a dear friend (she adores Chic Couture), 2) I had been contemplating a lattice and rose design in thread for a while and wanted to try it out on a small project.

Problem? I don’t really like working in thread and I hate changing color in thread!

Solution: Crochet with two strands at once and a size D crochet hook. Use chalk to color the flower. The chalk allows for more subtle coloring with a kind of whitewash look to it. That’s what I was going for. The color won’t last long, but it’s not a wearable item, so that wasn’t a concern for me.

My friend was thankful for the gift card and raved about the gift card holder. She said she loved it so much that she was going to use it as a business card holder. Huh, what do you know…it is the perfect size for that. Awesome!

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