Aviator Hat for Baby FREE Crochet Pattern

Aviator Hat for Baby

Aviator Hat BabyThe Aviator hat is stylish and fun. Oh, and put it on a baby and it’s just stinkin’ cute! The aviator hat is sometimes referred to as a “bomber hat” or “flying hat”. In the crochet world we have also seen it called “hat with ear flaps”, which is a pretty accurate description.

There are several elements that make the aviator hat distinctive. The original flying hat was made of a leather exterior and wool interior – a flap of the cap was tacked just above the forehead. Long ear flaps held radios at the ears. The  hat was often paired with flying goggles and a scarf. We’ve simulated all of these elements with yarn!

Aviator Hat for Baby- FREE Crochet Pattern

This aviator hat is a perfect gift for your little flyer or for a much needed baby gift. The hat fits newborns and is perfect for little boys and little girls. The pattern calls for crocheting in the round. Since you crochet with two strands at once, this newborn hat will stitch up quick and easy.

FREE Crochet Patterns

Free Patterns Page: Download the pattern from the FREE Crochet Patterns page.
Store: Add the Newborn Aviator Hat Free to your cart in the Store.

Aviator Hat – Something for the Entire Family

hat goggles and scarf

Due to popular demand, not only have we created the Aviator Hat in multiple sizes, we’ve created accessories! Check out this high flying set. It comes with:

  • 6 hat sizes
  • 3 flying goggles and
  • 3scarves

You can read about it in our post: Bomber Hat Set!
Or you can head straight to the store to order your Aviator Set today.

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