Administrative Professionals’ Day Gift Idea

Administrative Professionals’ Day Gift Idea

Administrative Professionals Day

We’ve create a fun gift idea for Administrative Professionals’ Day. It’s colorful and cheerful and will look adorable on your Admin’s desk. (Of course, this is a cute gift idea for other special days like Mother’s Day or birthdays. This would also be a fun “just because” gift for a gardening friend…just sayin’).

Flowers were a traditional present back in the day when I was receiving gifts for Secretaries Day. Now that it’s called Administrative Professionals’ Day, I still think flowers make the perfect gift. But this mason jar planter with a crocheted cozy adds a new twist to the gift! Love it!

Administrative Professionals’ Day Gift Idea – Mason Jar Planter

Daisy Mason Jar with ComputerFor those Administrative Professionals who love flowers, you simply can’t go wrong with a mason jar planter! We’ve used daisies in our jar…which could be transplanted right from the jar into the garden. Annuals or herbs would be nice alternatives.


  • 1 mason jar
  • 1 plant or herb
  • A few rocks or glass beads
  • Potting soil
  • Charcoal (optional)

A note about container gardening:

Charcoal is often used in container gardening to cut down on bacteria. It is also an additive that helps plants thrive. Please note that charcoal used in gardening is not the same as charcoal used for grilling. Visit your local gardening center for charcoal to use in container gardening. Charcoal is only needed for those plants that will be staying in the jar long term.

Container Gardening


  1. Place 1” of rocks or glass beads in bottom of jar.
  2. Place ½” of charcoal on top of rocks (optional).
  3. Fill jar with dirt and flower.
  4. Water the plant just enough that water reaches the bottom of the jar but does not pool.

Administrative Professionals’ Day Gift Idea – Daisy Mason Jar cozy

Mason Jar PlanterThe potted plant is a beautiful Administrative Professionals’ Day gift item all by itself. We think a colorful daisy cozy will add more pizzazz to the gift…and this cozy doubles as a cup cozy!

This project is a great way to use up your yarn stash. We’ve used Vanna’s Choice. She has lots of bright and beautiful color options.

Skill Level: Easy

Techniques Used: Crochet in Rows and Rounds.

Stitches Used: Chain, Single Crochet, Half Double Crochet


    (Yellow Flower: CHOCOLATE, MUSTARD, FERN)
  • Crochet Hook: C,F,H
  • Yarn Needle


Crochet Mason Jar CozyRadiant Yellow

Hook: F

Ch 3

Rnd 1: 12 hdc in 3rd ch from hook. Join with a sl st. (12)

Rnd 2: Sc around. Join with a sl st. (12)

Finish off and weave in ends.

Attach White to any st.

Use Hook: C

Rnd 3: Ch 14. Sl st in same st from Rnd 2 (14th ch from hook). Sl st. (corner petal made) *Ch 9, sl st into same st from Rnd 2 (9th ch from hook). Sl st.* Twice. (2 petals made). Ch 14. Sl st in same st from Rnd 2 (14th ch from hook). Sl st. (corner petal made) *Ch 10, sl st into same st from Rnd 2 (10th ch from hook). Sl st.* Twice. (2 petals made). Repeat from beginning to make a total of 12 petals. Sl st into base of 1st petal made. Finish off and weave in ends. (164)

Note: The ch-9 petals are the top and bottom of the flower.

Attach Raspberry around corner petal (Ch-14 space). Attach it to the corner that has two ch-9 petals to the left.

Use Hook: F

Rnd 4: Work sc, ch 1, sc around corner petal. Ch 2. *2 sc around next petal, ch 2.* Twice. Repeat from beginning 3 more times to work around flower. Join with a sl st. (52)

Rnd 5: Work sc, ch 1, sc in ch-1 corner space. Skip a st. *3 sc around ch-2 space, skip 2 sts* 3 times. Repeat from beginning to work around the flower.
Join with a sl st. (48)

Use Hook: H

Row 6: Sl st into ch-1 space. Ch 2 (count as 1st st), turn. 10 hdc, hdc dec (into sc and ch-1 space). (12)

Row 7-23: Ch 2 (count as first st), hdc across. (12)

Finish off and weave in ends.

Join ends with whip st across.

More Cozies in Store

coffee cup cozy patterns ebookLove this daisy cozy? There are more seasonal, holiday and just for fun cozies in the store in our Crochet Cup Cozy eBook. We’ve created an entire collection with 28 designs one ebook.

Looking for the cup and mug version? They’re in the ebook.

Each design in the ebook has instructions to fit Mugs, Cups and Mason Jars. Every design has a delicious recipe or fun craft.

All 3 daisies pictured at the beginning of this post are in this ebook! AND the ebook includes 4 new designs – Dracula, Vampire, Mummy and Blue Jeans.

Available in the StoreRead more about the set:

Blog: Coffee Cup Cozy Collection

Store: Coffee Cup Cozy Collection

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  1. Very cute idea…like how you matched the daisies. 🙂 Would make a nice gift for a teacher also, and fun project to do with the kids.

    • yarnitect says:

      Thanks. Love your ideas. Definitely kid friendly. I can see them beaming with pride after creating their own planter.

  2. carole Mom says:

    What a nice touch to add to the gift. Makes it extra special. Too bad I am not working anymore to receive such a special gift. .

  3. Super idea to give to a handful or two people since it can be customized so well. Great!